WATCH In HD NOW 2014 Russell Brand: End the Drugs War ►+[[]]]+◄ “In this personal journey for BBC Three, Russell Brand sets out to find out how other countries are tackling their problems of drug [More]
Russell returns to speak to Alan about his new stand up show! Subscribe for more videos and classic moments from Chatty Man – Watch Alan Carr: Chatty Man on Channel 4, Thursdays at 10pm, [More]
Here I am talking about Recovery in the Wilderness. Which is pretty much the realisation of my messiah complex. Pre-order my new book “Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions” by going to
Today’s Trews reacts to Sinead O’Connor’s recent Facebook video, in which she discussed her mental illness. Pre-order my new book “Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions” by going to To see me on my Re:Birth [More]
Welcome dear listener. Before the Radio X show this week Russell sat down with former Vice President of the USA, Mr Al Gore. Hear clips of that, Matt’s 40th birthday plans, MMA plans and plans [More]
Get your copy of The Finch in My Brain: – When brain cancer left Martino Sclavi unable to recognise words, he closed his eyes and moved his fingers across the keyboard to write The [More]
Pre-order my new book “Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions” here or by going to
[Talk Shows]Russell Brand ” I’m Married, I’m in Enough Pain, ” with Gayle King on Jimmy Fallon. Since the early days of television, talk show hosts have been among the most popular personalities in the [More]
Dr Robin Carhart-Harris (Head of Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London) discusses unlocking the unconscious, the potential therapeutic uses of psychedelic drugs, and why research into their benefits has been shut down for over 40 [More]
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