Russell Brand went to a Bill Maher show and on his panel he discussed what neo liberalism is and why progressives were stabbed in the back.
The one we’ve been waiting for – the brilliant Professor Brian Cox discusses the possibility of intelligent life other than our own; the danger of dogma within science; and Elon Musk’s space travel plans. As [More]
A clip from the upcoming Under The Skin episode with Russell Brand & Brian Cox. Available in full 13th January 2018 on iTunes or Android or listen here: Unf*ck Yourself From The Modern World [More]
Russell Brand has undergone something of a transformation in recent years. Fatherhood and marriage have been preceded by a concerted effort to free himself from his addictions. So how did he change his relationship with [More]
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Segment from the show where they speak to Brian Cox Russell Brand Radio X Podcast Page: Listen to the Russell Brand Radio X Podcast: Subscribe to the Russell Brand Radio X Podcast:
Psychological therapist Emma Kenny discusses new and forgotten ideas around personal growth, gained from 17 years working with people in crisis including some of the UK’s toughest estates. Unf*ck Yourself From The Modern World with [More]