The “great patriot purge” of 2018 continues as even more platforms move to ban Alex Jones from having access to social media. This authoritarian censorship mirrors communist China.
ouTube, Facebook and Apple have taken steps to remove content associated with InfoWars and its founder Alex Jones. Each social media platform said Monday that it had removed content from Jones or InfoWars because it [More]
Why some people praise Apple, Youtube, and Facebook for banning Alex Jones, this isn’t something that we shouldn’t necessarily be celebrating.
Alex Jones Message to Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO Broadcasted August 8th 2018!! Alex sends a message to those attacking Dorsey as well. Bringing Alex Jones Back to YouTube 1 video at a time! Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment, informational and educational purposes only just simply my thought’s and opinions regarding the matter. Please keep in mind it is up to everyone to do his/her [More]
Discussing the Alex Jones banning with various guests. Rei Murasame: Constantine: Frederic Voltaire Bastiat: The Only Infinite:
Alex Jones Digitally Erased In a Matter of Hours Glenn Beck Silicon Valley is doing the same thing to Alex Jones that the government and mainstream media has done to the middle of this country [More]
The Alex Jones Show Message To Trump And Twitter on August 9, 2018
Super Leftist Kyle Kulinski Against Alex Jones Ban Some videos I uploaded from The Alex Jones Show were removed for being hateful and inciting. A new website will feature uploads that YT removes. Support [More]
ALEX JONES: A First Look At Trump’s Plans To Defeat Globalist Internet Censorship