Alex is joined via Skype by Former U.S. Army Intelligence officer and survivalist author James Wesley Rawles to discuss the imminent danger of world-wide economic collapse and how we can prepare. Want to know more? [More]
🔴 Alex Jones Channel ✪ Emergency Re-Stream 🔴 Due to the recent censorship by Facebook & Youtube of Alex Jones’s live stream channels, is providing an emergency live 24/7 video stream of [More]
In a blatant act of censorship, Youtube has suspended TheAlexJones channel. Youtube’s reason for suspending the channel is because Alex displayed a New York Times article on his show, that happens all over the mainstream [More]
YouTube enters a strike against the Alex Jones Channel. I argue that censorship could lead to a quickening in the process towards world tyranny.
Advertisers (Ads) pull out of InfoWars YouTube channels (The Alex Jones Channel and Ron Gibson)
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Alex jones banned from facebook apple . The alex jones channel deleted censorship rip
Rip info wars they died with white supremacy #bombthewall
Alex Jones has sunk to new lows even for him. Watch this video for the truth behind the latest Alex Jones nonsense! Get a T-Shirt! It’s Cool! Support Me: Join my Website: [More]