Song in the background: fight song
Letra original: Dirty tissues, trust issues Glasses on the sink, they didn’t fix you Lonely pillows in a strangers bed Little voices in my head Secret keeping, stop the bleeding Lost a little weight because [More]
This is my day of saying that I had to tell the truth about my life and it was hard to explain but I got through it so yeah and I want all of this [More]
The Broken Promise Count: 1. Does not spend his first week as Prime Minister with an Aboriginal community – 14 September 2013. This promise was made in . Tony Abbott is happy. Music: Happy by [More]
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Floras pen pal arrives, believing Flora is queen of Celesteville. Afraid to tell the truth, Flora convinces Pom and Alexander to help her keep up the illusion. Floras pen pal arrives. Believing Flora is Queen [More]
Hey I’m here to tell the truth, if no one will say the HORRIBLE or not so horrible truth then I will cause its called freedom of speech. I ain’t edgy, just speaking the truth.