Sub for more: | Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in an interview with CBS News, has called the Russian president “a white authoritarian leader” and suggested that Vladimir Putin “disliked” her for “believing in [More]
Sub for more: | Nuclear isotopes have been found in South Korean air samples, which confirm the fact that nuclear tests have taken place on the peninsula. This comes from the Commission for Nuclear [More]
Sub for more: | More than 60 percent of Americans believe that the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton must leave politics. The data was obtained as a result of a poll conducted by Rasmussen [More]
Sub for more: | Randy DeSoto for Western Journalism reports, Georgia’s new campus concealed carry law went into effect on July 1, and contrary to gun control advocates’ warnings, the issue has all but [More]
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News Today BREAKING NEWS TODAY 9/12/17, BRUTAL Trey Gowdy Just Exposed Dem’s Biggest Fear, USA News BREAKING NEWS TODAY 9/12/17, BRUTAL,Trey Gowdy Just Exposed Dem’s Biggest Fear, USA News Today,breaking news, news, fox news, usa [More]
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It’s no secret how MSNBC and CNN feel about questioning diversity initiatives.
TheDC’s investigative reporter Chuck Ross sat down with Vince Coglianese to discuss his interview with Representative Trey Gowdy. Gowdy suggested that Democrats are impeding the release of more details about the Trump Dossier. For more [More]