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Transcript: destyy.com/q6HwcX Lark a famously early-rising bird. People who wake up early in the morning are sometimes known as ‘larks’ owl a type of bird that tends to come out at night. People who stay [More]
Endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont has ridden around the world on a bike before, but this time he’s aiming to do it in 80 days or less – smashing the current record of 123 days. Please [More]
A man has built a giant Star Wars model in his front garden. The 20ft (6m) replica AT-AT – a combat vehicle in the Star Wars films – was built by Ian Mockett, 54, at [More]
“James Comey Gave A False Testimony” Sarah Sanders Destroys Liberal Reporter sarah huckabee sanders shuts down this reporter hard with facts, this is news today and today news in politics and political news , this [More]
The North Carolina carnival worker was able to adjust the malfunctioning Ferris wheel but fell and sustained minor injuries.
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