Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended President Donald Trump in the growing controvery over NFL players kneeling during the national anthem saying, “it’s a big mistake to protest in that fashion.” (Sept. 26) Subscribe for more [More]
The Las Vegas shooter had a dozen rifles fitted with devices that allowed them to mimic automatic machine guns. And with a target-rich environment, a former Army Ranger says accuracy wasn’t important to the killer. [More]
Subscribe for more Breaking News: Highlights of this day in history: John Brown raids Harper’s Ferry; France’s Marie Antoinette beheaded; John Paul II chosen as pope; Chile’s ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet detained; ‘Baby Jessica’ rescued; [More]
A Georgia couple says they’re disappointed that they never received a call from President Donald Trump after their son, an Army Ranger, died in an accident in Afghanistan. (Oct. 18) Subscribe for more Breaking News: [More]
What’s next for Qatar and the GCC? – UpFront There appears to be no sign of resolution to the standoff that began on June 5. The Saudi-led coalition accuses Qatar of regional meddling, citing this [More]
Palestinian worshippers have clashed with Israeli security forces outside a gate to the Old City in Jerusalem, as tensions continue over the new security measures implemented at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound. Israeli security forces were [More]
101 East – Malaysia’s Migrant Money Trail Desperate for work, millions of migrants flood into Malaysia. They do the jobs no one wants to do while creating vast profits for those who bring them in. [More]
Ali Abunimah tells Al Jazeera English that Israel’s aggressive encroachment on the city’s holy sites is behind the escalation in violence.
Kenya: President Kenyatta skips presidential debate What was billed as Kenya’s presidential debate became a one-man show on Monday. President Uhuru Kenyatta did not attend, leaving opponent Raila Odinga with a clear run to make [More]
Thousands flee to Colombia ahead of Venezuela strike, vote More Venezuelans are crossing the border into Colombia ahead of a strike called by the opposition and an election called by the government. Basic supplies are [More]