It may seem more like the plot of a dystopian sci-fi epic than a modern advertising technique but ads in space are a real possibility, analysts tell RT, warning of more complex questions. The stars [More]
Jewish commentator Milo Yiannopoulos Roast Muslim political figure Ilhan Omar on stage
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Russian scientists say one of their satellites spotted high-power “light explosions” while flying dozens of kilometers above the Earth. They say the mysterious phenomenon can’t be explained by anything known to modern physics. Unusual space [More]
The Walking Dead New Frontier Walktrough – Above The Law Part 6 – Max Tell Truth To Frontier Boss After big fight from last video david javi clem and rest of pepople decide to come [More]
People are continuing to comb beaches and rubble for family lost in the devastating tsunami that hit Palu, Indonesia, four days ago. A lack of heavy lifting equipment is hampering rescuers’ attempts to reach people [More]
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In North Carolina, more than 4,000 homes were damaged and some were completely destroyed. .
As the first anniversary of the climax of the Cassini mission approaches, the European Space Agency (ESA) has revealed the probe’s parting gift: evidence of a hundreds-of-kilometers tall, hexagonal vortex at Saturn’s north pole. NASA’s [More]
In just one night, this Russian astronomer took pictures of almost all rare atmospheric phenomena, including sprites, elves, airglow, meteors, fireballs, northern lights over Irbit, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. Learn More: Your Support of Independent [More]