Justin Bieber has opened up to his fans on Instagram about his struggles with mental health. We have more on the way social media is changing the conversation around youth and mental health. »»» Subscribe [More]
Russell Brand: ‚Justin Bieber soll Drogen nehmen‘ Russell Brand: ‚Justin Bieber soll Drogen nehmen‘ Redaktion Joy, 15.04.2010 Russell Brand glaubt, dass Heroin die Musikindustrie retten kann Russel Brand Russel Brand / ©WENN.comDer britische Comedian und [More]
Ask any music executive, there’s no market quite as lucrative as teenage girls. They scream louder, are more devoted and spend more money than anyone else. Win them over and you’ve got it made. Just [More]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI1JuZSR-cs www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI1JuZSR-cs Pop sensationJustin Bieber loses his cool with the paparazzi after being hospitalized. Bieber now is in the wake of a law suit and public scrutiny. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and updates from [More]
Evans invited the boy, Keaton Jones, to the Los Angeles premiere of ‘The Avengers’ after Keaton described being bulled in a video that has received more than 21 million views and counting.
Justin Bieber writes to fans, saying “I’m never going to be perfect”; 1980s rapper Kidd Creole arrested in fatal stabbing; Harry Potter play’s London leads heading to Broadway. (Aug. 3) Subscribe for more Breaking News: [More]