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Bus driver transporting schoolchildren stopped his vehicle on a highway near Milan on Wednesday before telling passengers to get off and setting the vehicle on fire. 12 students and two adults have reportedly been taken [More]
Home sales are starting to drop dramatically in B.C., but prices haven’t fallen far enough for people to start buying. Some investors are starting to take losses on their sales. However, potential buyers still can’t [More]
DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified Tuesday before the House Homeland Security Committee on border security.
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“This amount of fentanyl our CBP officers prevented from entering our country equates to an unmeasurable, dangerous amount of an opioid that could have harmed so many families.”
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Here is the truth. I still support u sham brother. I’m sorry I have the right to tell the truth . Love u . & your friends. Pakistani YouTubeR’s please reunite . Follow me on [More]
Canadians aren’t getting as much sleep as we want, this much we know. In fact, almost 60 per cent of us say we aren’t getting the recommended eight hours a night. The National’s health panel [More]
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