This video was stolen from Matilda Rice on the 16-03-17 since then it has been illegally used multiple times by NewsHub and Matilda Rice has confirmed with evidence at the end of this video that [More]
The Grammys have plummeted from a high of 39 million viewers in 2012 down to half that number last year. The Oscars aren’t much better, losing 20 million viewers since 2014. And their Canadian counterparts [More]
“Obama’s Science Expert Didn’t Even Believe Climate Change Report” Sarah Sanders SLAMS Reporter today during the white house briefing and white house press briefing and sarah sanders press briefing today many questions were asked about [More]
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Chiman Zebari thanks President Donald Trump for “being the voice for millions of voiceless girls” and talks about how many women in both the United States and internationally are at risk for honor killings.
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People don’t start out being liars, I think. It happens over time in all sorts of ways. Maybe telling the truth gets you into trouble. Maybe telling the truth could hurt someone.