During a press conference before releasing the redacted Mueller report to Congress and the public on Thursday, Attorney General William Barr told reporters why his team came to the conclusion that there was no obstruction [More]
Luke smuggled cocaine into the U.S. to pay off his student loans. He got caught when a cocaine pellet he swallowed broke in his stomach. We spoke to a doctor with experience in what happens [More]
Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) drew from examples in his home state of Washington to discredit the Green New Deal during the House Energy Action Team press conference on Thursday.
Trump Explains Exactly Why He Never Liked John McCain president trump john mccain today spoke in lima, lima trump speech today on president donald trump john mccain he tells the crowd why he dislikes john [More]
Beware, statistics we’re not allowed to talk about ahead. If you’re easily triggered by scientific studies, run away as fast as your little liberal legs can carry you. It’s about to get real. See the [More]
Astronomers have measures the mass of the galaxy, and have determined it to be about 1.5 trillion solar masses, or 1.5 trillion times the weight of the Earth’s Sun. How did they measure this? Professor [More]
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Michael Cohen Explains Why He’s Afraid If Trump Loses In 2020 today michael cohen hearing took place in michael cohen house oversight committee this is michael cohen testify and michael cohen testimony to congress this [More]