Facebook’s decision to ban several high-profile extremists from Facebook and Instagram is drawing both praise and outrage. Facebook cited its policies against allowing dangerous individuals and organizations on its site in banning people like Alex [More]
Facebook is banning several extreme figures from its platform, accusing users like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulous of inciting hate speech, which violates the company’s rules. CBS News contributor and WIRED editor-in-chief Nick Thompson reports [More]
louis farrakhan, Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos received lifetime bans on Facebook and Instagram, I’ll share my thoughts in this video… #louisfarrakhan #AlexJones #MiloYiannopoulos
O Facebook e o Instagram estão numa cruzada contra a liberdade de expressão. Quais as motivações por trás disso? PS: nossa página do Facebook também já era. Nosso canal oficial é este aqui. Tradução: Pensador [More]
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Source: Facebook has banned Alex Jones Louis Farrakhan the alolan Oculus and others Milo yiannopoulos and others on Facebook and Instagram based on Free Speech or allege hate speech where will the end who [More]
Source: Alex Jones Louis Farrakhan Milo yiannopoulos are banned from Facebook and Instagram based on their free speech who will be next
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