Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft failed to land on the moon today after suffering a catastrophic engine and communications failure, according to Learn More: Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: If the link [More]
NASA is buzzing with excitement these days about its ambitious new mission to return to the moon — this time to stay. The agency set an aggressive timetable to have the Gateway space station orbiting [More]
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The moon will glide into Earth’s shadow Friday in what will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The eclipse will stretch from South America to New Zealand on Friday and last almost four [More]
China is launching a new satellite on Sunday as part of its ambitious Chang’e-4 mission to make the first-ever landing on the ‘dark side’ of the moon. The Queqiao relay satellite will be sent to [More]
A cooking lesson on Korean dishes for Lunar New Year, from Jeong Hyun Choi, owner of Gangneung Cooking Academy »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: Connect with CBC News Online: For [More]