The gang murder of 15 year old Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, known as Junior, rocked New York City in June 2018. The savagery was captured from multiple angles on a Bronx bodega’s surveillance cameras–and so was the [More]
(12 Dec 2018) Actress Emily Blunt says playing iconic character Mary Poppins in “Mary Poppins Returns” is a “hard thing for me to compute.” (Dec. 12) Subscribe for more Breaking News: Website: Twitter: [More]
(13 Dec 2018) At the London premiere of “Mary Poppins Returns,” Meryl Streep says she wants to expand her small role in any sequels, while stars Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda talk about the importance [More]
(26 Sep 2018) Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays a stand-up comedian in writer/director Eva Vives’ new movie “All About Nina,” opposite rapper-turned-actor Common. (Sept. 26) Subscribe for more Breaking News: Website: Twitter: [More]
As if the Democrats didn’t embarrass themselves enough during the Senate Hearings for Judge Kavanaugh, they have now outdone themselves with these last minute accusations of Misconduct. Watch and I’ll tell you why Senator Feinstein’s [More]
Play along as you watch true crime reporter Mary Lou Culvertson attempt to stump the panel. See if you can answer questions put forth to the contestants and try to spot the two imposters.
BBC History – Bloody Queens | Elizabeth and Mary BBC Documentary 2016 A dramatised documentary detailing the bitter feud between Elizabeth I and Mary, . BBC History – Bloody Queens | Elizabeth and Mary BBC [More]
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