LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE Alex Jones and callers discuss the nuanced battle-lines in the information war, and they beg the question: Can Infowars be positive about the future in this new [More]
There is yet another Training event scheduled this month for an EMP. This time the training event takes place in DC and the main program says by “Invitation Only”…. So Much For Educating the Public [More]
The debate over whether it’s better to be a renter or a homeowner actually has a clear and simple answer. To tell the truth, there is only one person out there who should rent, and [More]
Ontario will only issue 25 licenses for pot stores in its first phase of authorizing retail cannabis shops. There will be a lottery for the licenses and the stores are expected to open in April. [More]
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Google CEO Admits Russians Only Spent $4,700 Dollars On The 2016 Election today during house judiciary committee google ceo sundar pichai testify on 2016 election and google data usage he admitted to a unhappy democrat [More]
Ian Leslie was one of the original reporting trio that brought 60 Minutes to life in 1979. Looking back on his time as a reporter during the 60 Minutes 40th anniversary, Ian shares details of [More]
I discovered the rewards app in 2017 from a friend i thought it was pretty cool so i kept the app you have to answer surveys like are you an adult and do you have [More]
My final video on the word retarded. I will not ever address this again, I will send a copy of this video to anyone who messages me and says, “you cannot use that word.” Use [More]
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