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Hey and welcome back to my channel, and if your new here, please subscribe! Todays video is about recent media coverage of a ‘sexual experts” opinion on asking babys for consent. Let me know what [More]
This week I offend EVERYONE with an invite to Mysonne, defense of Hillary, T.I., Elizabeth Warren, and whites calling police on blacks.
Është miratuar mes debatesh vetëm me votat e mazhorancës, kalendari i punimeve mbi të cilin Kuvendi do të shqyrtojë nismën e opozitës për ndryshimin e kushtetutës me qëllim vettingun në politikë. Mazhoranca kërkon shprehjen e [More]
Trump lies. That makes negotiating NAFTA impossible: Opinion | CBC News. It’s almost sad watching good journalists trying to report on this sewage backup of a negotiation in… #Trump #lies #That #makes #negotiating #NAFTA #impossible [More]
Who needs NAFTA? Canada can do without it: Opinion | CBC News
By secular standards, the Catholic Church is a corrupt organization: Opinion | CBC News WARNING: This column contains disturbing detailsImagine for a moment that a big, admired multinational corporation, one selling a beloved product, was employing [More]
Attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow have been publicly griping about special counsel Robert S. Mueller III setting a “perjury trap” for President Donald Trump. However, in a Politico opinion piece, columnist Jack Schafer notes [More]