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On “This Week,” George Stephanopoulos interviews White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.
“We will see it,” she told. #interview #pelosi #dont #trust #barr #trust #mueller
لحظة القبض ع وزير الدفاع السابق الفريق اول سلطان هاشم احمد فب منزله بالموصل بالنسيق مع وكالة أسوشييتد بريس (بالإنجليزية: Associated Press الامريكيه #هكذا_انتهى_نضام_صدام
SB411, TO PROHIBIT MUNICIPAL SANCTUARY POLICIES. a bill that would have banned sanctuary cities in Arkansas, passed out of Arkansas House Committee on City, County & Local Affairs by 1 vote. the bill was voted [More]
AP Planning Board Vice-Chairman Kutumba Rao press meet. He speaks about the 24500 crores of loan waiver programme and stated that till now there was no corruption done in this programme. For more latest political [More]