In a video released on his Twitter, Pennsylvania Democrat State Rep. Brian Sims was seen attempting get the names and addresses of a group of teenagers protesting at a Planned Parenthood in south eastern Pennsylvania.
Protesters gathered before the State Of the Union even began. We set out to find out why.
A group of Angel Moms on Tuesday afternoon protested inside the Capitol Hill office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who refused to meet with the grieving family members who have lost loved ones to [More]
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Trump Rally and Infowars reports (Millie Weaver) information that could be live streamed on the Alex Jones Channel since it’s been removed and placed on Bitchute instead. #millenialmille #alexjones #infowars [disclaimer: this clip has nothing [More]
Tensions are high in Iran as hundreds of people protest in multiple cities against the government’s economic policies. Speaking to Al Jazeera from Iran’s capital, Mohammad Marandi, professor at Tehran University, says US sanctions are [More]
Army Booked For Shooting Protesting Civilians in Shpian, One man killed and several injured CNN-News18 (formerly known as CNN-IBN) has been the world’s window to India and India’s window to the world. The channel has [More]
New England Patriots fans booed their own team on Sunday when more than a dozen players knelt during the “Star Spangled Banner” in a nationwide protest over racial inequality. Many other Patriots locked arms in [More]