Alex Jones reveals why YouTube has chosen today as the time to, yet again, attempt to shut down the Alex Jones / Infowars Channel. President Trump put the deep state on notice after threatening to [More]
Opposition MPs have hurled angry claims of a “coverup” after Liberals used their majority to shut down an emergency meeting of the committee probing the SNC-Lavalin affair. Welcome to The National, the flagship nightly newscast [More]
[TOP LINK] SUB TO BACKUP CHANNEL HERE: Sub to main Youtube Channel here: Get on our Email list! ZeroHedge reports, Ivanka Trump fired a shot across the bow of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [More]
Alex Jones YouTube Channel Shut Down -Official Donald Trump Response
(20 Dec 2018) Thousands of passengers have been delayed, diverted or stuck on planes as the only runway at Britain’s Gatwick Airport remains closed into a second day after drones were spotted over the airfield. [More]
Trump Says He Will Keep The Government Shut Down For As Long As It Takes To Get The Wall President Trump today slammed chuck schumer and nancy pelosi over the wall he was at a [More]
Protect your family NOW here: SUB TO BACKUP CHANNEL HERE: Sub to main Youtube Channel here: Get on our Email list! Benjamin Arie for the Conservative Tribune reports, ‘Tis the season [More]
The Government Is Shut Down, But the IRS Still Collected $21.7 Billion in Taxes. Do not forget to subscribe The Next News Network: Do not forget to subscribe: SUBSCRIBE” – “LIKE” [More]
Top Stories Today – Government Set To Shut Down After Senate Fails To Get Enough Votes For Short-Term Spending Bill ⭐ Subscribe This Channel: 👕Check Out Our Custom T-shirts + Hoodies👕 👉🏻 #TopStories [More]
Listen to the full audiobook for free with a 30-day trial: “Turkey to Shut Hundreds of Schools Following Attempted Coup” is from the July 20, 2016, News section of The USA Today. It was [More]