In this video i go over some of the recent global earthquake activity. The most severe quakes striking the Taiwan and antarctic ridge areas. I also go over the global 30 day and 7 day [More]
Beijing has warned the US against stationing service personnel at a de-facto American embassy in Taipei, after the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) admitted to having a detachment of armed US guard on-site for over [More]
Beijing is already threatening retaliation over Washington’s expected sale of dozens of F-16s and tanks to Taiwan. But as if ties between the world’s two largest economies hadn’t already been sufficiently strained, the Navy and [More]
It seems that a gas trapped below this road is trying to come out. Result is this kind of bubbling water coming out of this sinkhole like a geyser with such a power that the [More]
चीन और ताइवान के बीच फिर उभरा तनाव, राष्ट्रपति शी जिनपिंग ने कहा चीन के साथ ताइवान को मिलाएंगे, होगा दोनों देशों का एकीकरण. ख़राब मॉनसून और बर्बाद फ़सल से जान देने को मजबूर होते [More]
(21 Oct 2018) One of Taiwan’s fastest passenger trains derailed on a curve along a popular weekend route, killing at least 18 people. (Oct. 21) Subscribe for more Breaking News: Website: Twitter: [More]
China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has launched a six-day, live-fire military exercise in the East China Sea in a region that simulates an invasion of Taiwan, a move military strategist believe will send a powerful [More]
✅ Top Stories Today – BREAKING NEWS Out Of China – Beijing Deploy Military Jets To The Taiwan Island’s air force says it deployed F-16s to monitor latest military manoeuvres Beijing on Friday conducted encirclement [More]
THIS VIDEO SPENT 3 DAYS IN REVIEW… 8 VIEWS FROM YOUTUBE EMPLOYEES… AND THEY STILL NEVER CLEARED IT! It is an uncomfortable time for Taiwan. China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) began a dangerous “island encirclement” [More]
As concerns about nuclear war with North Korea wane, Taiwan is reminding the world that its own relations with Beijing have been progressively deteriorating; to do that the small island nation will simulate a response [More]