A BULLSEYE of hazards coming together this weekend. Tornadoes, hail, wind, lightning, AND flooding?! Tune in to #WUTV tonight to find out when YOU should be prepared + send us your questions for the experts [More]
The Lee County Sheriff’s Office told local media that at least 14 people were killed when at least two tornadoes hit the southern Alabama County. The sheriff didn’t provide any other details, but the National [More]
(2 Nov 2018) More severe weather is expected Friday for the Southeastern U.S. At least two people’s deaths have been attributed to the storms and at least 12 tornadoes had been confirmed by Thursday night [More]
(30 Aug 2018) Possible tornadoes uprooted trees, stranded train travelers, leveled a barn and snapped power lines in Wisconsin. Storms with powerful winds and driving rain have caused extensive damage since Tuesday. (Aug. 30) Subscribe [More]
A second round of widespread severe thunderstorms will erupt in parts of the Midwest and Southeast Friday, following Thursday’s tornadoes in Iowa, and straight-line wind damage in Kansas and Missouri. Learn More: weather.com/storms/severe/news/2018-07-19-severe-thunderstorms-midwest-southeast-forecast www.rt.com/usa/433753-tornado-marshalltown-iowa-damage/ Your [More]
Multiple tornadoes have been reported across central and northern Kansas, the first ones reported in the state this year. Kansas hadn’t reached May without a tornado since 1980. (May 2) Subscribe for more Breaking News: [More]
Open Comments for CBC News video (www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVL5IwrWOwQ) on Climate change and tornadoes