In the bulletin transcription, we have spelt the name of the restaurant incorrectly. The correct spelling is Wolfgat. The story: A small beachside South African restaurant specialising in local seafood has won the top prize [More]
AP sports writer Ben Walker recounts the story of Flynn, the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show champ. Check out AP’s coverage of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Credits: Video by Peter [More]
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Hallo Leute mein Name ist steven ich mache Livestreams von fortnite und bo4 Wenn euch meine streams gefallen zeigt es mir mit nem Abo 😉 —————————————- Nightbot Befehle —————- !psn !snapchat !insta !bro !ehrenmann !discord [More]
I originally posted this on my old channel by the name of Cringe Clips like two years ago. I hope you enjoy this if you haven’t already seen it.
In no way was I making fun of this kid I just wanted him to tell the truth about his wins he turned out to have 2 I looked him up on he has [More]
In the week of Parliament’s vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, a special edition of Politics Live with all the latest news and analysis from Westminster.
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Hay erstmal! Cool das du meinen Kanal gefunden hast. Hier bringe ich Wöchentlich Fortnite Content. Wenn dir meine Art und mein Kanal gefällt, dann lass doch gerne ein Abbo da und aktiviere die Glocke! Wir [More]