(7 Jan 2019) A Saudi woman who says she is fleeing abuse by her family and wants asylum in Australia barricaded herself in an airport hotel in the Thai capital on Monday. Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun [More]
(14 Jan 2019) A former top prosecutor in Phoenix was hired Monday by a health care facility to investigate the circumstances into how a patient in a vegetative state gave birth after she was sexually [More]
First impressions do count. Like it or not, we’re judged by the way we look. Little wonder then, that so many people go to such extraordinary lengths to look better, crazy diets, make-overs, surgery anything [More]
(9 Jan 2019) Authorities in Phoenix are investigating the sexual assault of a woman who has been in a vegetative state for years at a long-term care facility after the patient unexpectedly gave birth to [More]
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The family of a 34-year-old Quebec woman travelling in West Africa fears for her safety after not hearing from her for three weeks. Edith Blais left her home of Sherbrooke, Que., last year, most recently [More]
A girl from North Korea fled for her freedom to tell the truth about the governance in North Korea. please spread the news… Government of North Korea is blocking civilians to have access to internet, [More]
Alberta teacher Sarah McIver, the third Canadian detained in China this month, has returned to Canada after being released from custody. China and Canada said her detention didn’t appear to be related to the detention [More]
This is a current affair and political news channel on YouTube in Pakistan
The prime minister teased the Labour leader about his bid for a confidence vote, with a series of panto references. But Jeremy Corbyn did not look impressed, and although microphones did not pick up what [More]