Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Corruption Continues: Awan Brothers IT Scandal

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Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak investigates a story that further embroils embattled former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz in an ever-growing scandal.


Richard Wolfe says:

What's up with the distracting music. Can you say "STUPID?" I knew you could.

alexdapostman says:

This woman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a creep! As usual and frustrating The MSM will bury this story and the Deep State full of Obama holdovers will protect her. On a good, note I'm so glad that President Trump picked General John Kelly for Chief of Staff he's going to make The White House Great Again!

Dre Zee says:

Well I guess we found the hacker of the DNC…

Its amazing, American IT is under daily assault by America. Subjected to FBI background checks if you work for any Company which is regulated by a Federal agency. Our jobs get offshored. Those jobs that remain in America displace Americans through the H1B visa program.

Is it safe to say these practices endanger the economy and National Security yet?

Can we stop spending months chasing a non existent connection between the President and Russia. And focus on the very real connection between the Middle East and the Democratic party?

bungalowwil says:

Hillary did say that "…and if that bastard wins, we'll all hang from nooses." Let the hangings begin. TREASON!

sheri wilson says:

Go LUKE!! George Webb says you will be a LEGEND!!!

jim McCartney says:

As usual, no coverage on the MSM of another crooked liberal, it looks as if every last demoncrat in DC is dirty and hiding something!! Disgusting!

Michael says:

Soundtrack is ruining your video..

Jeff C says:

George Webb has been covering this for way longer than five months WAKE UP PPL we the PPL are letting these scumb bags run our country !!!!!!!

Mainstream Commercial Nihilism says:

Wow. That one blonde reporter is gorgeous!

iCjay says:

Turn the fucking music off, you can't hear the actually content… juvenile editing…. fucking lame…..

a moore says:

So is the music a way to punish viewers for seeking information about Democrats?

The Michael Anderson Show says:

Whats with the shitty music

Dayhome says:

What's with the music?

Rose tree says:

Movie plot, far out its more scandalous than a movie plot, this goes deep.

pigboykool says:

DNC and the Obama administration is the most corrupted political group in America!

Jesuisquejesuis says:

I have been following Mr. Rosiak's reporting from the first time I read about the burglary of House computers…THANK YOU for doing this. Also following George Webb.

Gilbert R Flores says:


god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP says:


Colleen McGrady says:

Lynch gave the internet to NSA .. Oharma gave it to UN now Wastername. Gave it to the Muslim brotherhood .. change your passwords and lock up all those crooked money changers….!

Colleen McGrady says:

Where is the financial oversight committee ..??? What is their role ??? Why were castes amounts of money being withdrawn without accountability ?? We see this all the time .. vaste amounts being " $$$$$$ disappearing .. "??? How is this secret wiring of stolenmoney being done .. and sent overseas .. Oharma . Bush .. HRC .. now wastername ..something very wrong in the counting house .. what ??!

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