Exclusive Footage of John McCain Voting No to GOP Healthcare Repeal

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Watch John McCain kill the Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare.


DonaId Trump says:

John mccain ran on repealing obamacare.

Davey Numz says:

haha McCain is no war hero and never was captured. Once a traitor always a traitor.

SpaceshipBroadcasts says:

lol/10 would kek again

MiniU MegaU says:

Those TJw tears never taste better.

UndertakerU2ber says:

The King = Obama

Danielle Palazzold says:

It's weird seeing Scar as the hero

Elizabeth Taylor says:

PEOPLE TAKE NOTE: This traitor is one of the DEEP STATE that we hear about but had no visual to connect the dots. MCCAIN IS THE POSTER CHILD FOR THE DEEP STATE. Everything killary has been caught doing, so has mccain, schumer, clapper, brennan, mcgabe, comey, obuma, petreaus, graham, podesta & so on. It is reported the DEEP STATE comes from members of the Armed Services Committee & Foreign Relations Committee generally. Did you know mccain & lindsey graham own a WEAPONS FACTORY IN BULGARIA specializing in sarin gas, white phosphorous to name two? The airline SILKWAY in Bulgaria flies around transporting weapons under diplomatic protection to countries who have made deals with these SATANIST PEDOPHILES. Or they use the military transport.
For God sakes, they are arming ISIS who in return kill & mangle our loved ones. They are involved with drug trafficking, pedophilla, human & child trafficking, black market organ harvesting and more, much more. For example, why is killary rodham clinton's brother in HAITI overlooking the operation of the gold mine down there? The man has no experience, knowledge in this field but is raping & stealing from the poor, poor people of this country a commodity that would greatly benefit the people who desperately need that is ' is rightfully THEIRS.People wake up-these are the people who have no interest in working with Trump or the American people to improve & restore the promise of what was suppose to be-living in peace, having work opportunities, ability to provide food, shelter, education, medical care, safety, etc for our familities. They work for the globalists-NWO who WANT war as WAR MAKES MONEY. Power & wealth for them by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE!

Lee "Mai" Ari says:

Damn straight.

Robbert Mulder says:

Conduct review awareness cotton Italian launch pen.

Hillary Clinton says:

McCain literally has a year to live. Should be receiving treatment, not trying to show his true colors.

GippyHappy says:

This is like something I'd make for Econ class for extra credit

markj6700 says:

McCain isn't the villain. You used the wrong footage. Should have used to similar sequence at the end of the movie. tRump is the villain.

Eun Ky Hung RaiN says:

You nailed it

SilentAgeEight says:

Why is this on the Breaking News tab?

Constantinos Veletas says:

hhahahahhahahaha ahahahahahhahhahaha

Randall Gavin says:

23 years and it still hurts

Illumai The Wolf says:

But hes just a bill

Gunbeard_Samurai says:

it's everyday bro

Cristian G says:

Wtf is wrong with McCain's eyebrows?

Maddie Smith says:

This was on the breaking news tab, WTF.

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