Russia: The Ghost Power – 1791L rebuttal

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Jantes Inferno says:

Americans & Europeans are butthurt because Russia tried liberalism when implementing capitalism after USSR fell & consciously rejected it in favour of Orthodoxy, Autocracy & Nationalism. With the exception of Iran, up to that point, most countries toppled had adopted liberalism & 'progressed' into social degeneracy as well as selling out their natural resources to (((western oligarchs))).

hellsunicorn says:

I'm a regular viewer of 1791L's videos, and this was probably the dumbest fucking video he's ever put out. I tended to agree with his general support of Trump for president, but there are times when he just takes a shit on every valid point he has previously made, and this video was one of the more decrepit ones. The only thing in this video that he said that made any degree of sense is that we should spend more time concerned with North Korea than being paranoid about Russia, because the guy in NK is an actual psychopath who might launch nukes just for shits and giggles if he actually has them.

Dragon 67 says:

Buzzfeed Lol.

Brian Ahmed says:

This rebuttal is trash

oiralire says:

We aren't Russophobic… we just don't like rivals. Russians have been geographically predisposed to rivalry with western powers since its foundation. While the Central and Western Europeans slaughtered themselves by the millions in two enormous World Wars, the latter of which also featured a world-class brawl between Japan and China for East Asian hegemony, the Russians and Americans spent the time becoming immensely powerful by fostering growth across the board. While the natural richness and geographic isolation of China has allowed it to reassert its own presence on the world stage to an extent not seen since before any of the rest of our peoples even existed, the United States has slowly crept its influence forward to become the center of an Anglo-American hegemonic empire stretching from Japan and the Republic of Korea in the west, to basically all of non-Russian Europe in the east. This hegemony has only grown since the collapse of the Soviet Union, after which the Russians have struggled to remain as relevant as they previously were. Vladimir Putin has achieved that with remarkable skill. His leadership has not only maintained the respect for Russia as a rival that was already held in the west, but grown it. Grown it to the point that we once again openly speak of preparations for a hypothetical war with them. In the meantime, the Chinese have finally begun to break free from their public image as "another communist state taking after the Russians" and command respect for their own achievements. What this has led to is a volatile balance of power paralleling the situations that have immediately preceded every major near-global scale conflict in history. When two great hegemonies are balanced upon the precipice of open war, beginning in relatively minor regions, and a third great power keeps itself strategically aloof… well eventually they stop doing so and lots of people die. See: US entry into the Second World War; US entry into the Great War; rapidly switching sides of Caucasian factions in the Roman-Parthian wars; entry of the Egyptian and Palestinian legions into the civil wars of the Year fo the Four Emperors (they eventually declared for their own leader instead of anyone from Gaul, Italy, or Iberia; Vespasian won and was succeeded by his sons Titus and Domitian;) shifts of power within Britain during the various wars of Louis XIV that actually largely avoided such vast conflict by actively opposing whichever side was winning but also meant a lot of people died, until; the Seven Years' War during which the House of Hanover allied with the House of Hohenzollern to effectively upend the power of not only the Habsburgs but the most ancient Capetian Dynasty, ultimately leading to the republican revolutions that immediately created the United States of America and ultimately led to a lasting French Republic, an increasingly republican United Kingdom, the destruction of the Holy Roman Empire as the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars ravaged the entire continent; thus leading to the eventual German unification, placing most of Germany at nominal odds with the rump Austro-Hungarian Empire; both of whom eventually got tied up in increasingly volatile political situations in the Balkans as a result of Ottoman decline; becoming the Great War when the Russians, oddly enough, backed the French, who opposed their rivals the Austrians and Germans, who had been such since the partition of the Holy Roman Empire a millennium or so prior, inspired by the weird notion of nationalism, followed by the Russian revolution which led to a stalemate until the United States stepped in, ironically also experiencing massive domestic shifts such as the brief Sedition Act of 1918, the colonial conflicts during which war also led to the eventual collapse of the old colonial empires, but allowed for a drastic rapidization of the ascension of American hegemonial power, but placed this at odds with the new Russian regime; which rivalry was only stalled by Adolf Hitler, who ironically looked past what was now "traditional" nationalism to the ancient Germanic nations, but loved slaughtering people and thought the Germans as he perceived them were vastly superior, leading him to prematurely engage the Soviets in a war he never could have won; which prompted his Japanese allies to move quickly to oppose the "slumbering giant" of America who were already quite technologically advanced, engaging them in economic warfare, and could rapidly mobilize an enormous industrial complex that eventually did crush them in open warfare; placing both the Russians and Americans in a precarious position by the conclusion of this war, in which the Soviets maintained an enormous numerical and operational advantage, while the Americans possessed nuclear bombs; meaning that any open warfare at this phase would have led to even more loss of life and risked not American dominance, but friendships; developing into a Cold War which continues to this day, only breaking out in sporadic unofficial and unrecognized direct conflict within the larger scope of proxy wars in tiny, poor countries as each continues to vie for great influence at the detriment of the other.

The tldr being that if a bunch of low-born politicians hadn't have started World War I, but talked things out or even listened to their now-powerless monarchs, shit probably would not have spent the next century creeping towards an even more destructive conflict which may or may not eclipse even the Second World War in scale unless we stop all being butts and just admit that the Russians aren't doing anything we haven't done, except for the part where the countries in which they intervene are actually close enough for them to have reason to want them to be stable and friendly, and where they aren't as powerful as we are. If we stopped having a giant hegemonic dick-measuring contest for even a few decades, we might actually achieve some sort of world peace; or at the least stop letting Africans genocide each other.

Jerry Perry says:

I'm proud to say that my country played a part in the founding of Russia. Later we also tried to destroy it but that's a different story.

hellstradingpost says:

I kept looking at this photoshopped picture of you, wondering why you would choose a guy with a sword going through his back with the tip sticking out the front. Upon closer examination it was the hilt. Doh.

Copter Force says:

I agree with a lot of what you've said here, not all of it tho. For instance, our CIA has done horrible shit ( I agree with that) it doesn't mean Vladimir Putin isn't a rich asshole who hasn't directly been involved in murdering people who have opposed him tho. What I don't understand is, why the condemnation for rich greedy assholes who can afford Fyre fest or whatever the hell it's called, but not Donald Trump and his horrible decadent rich asshole family? Why the condemnation for our neoconservative and neoliberal war mongering assholes here, but then being all up on Vladimir Putin's nuts, as if he is some great fearless leader? Where is the consistency man? Rich war mongering assholes who don't mind having people killed shouldn't be held up in high esteem, whether they are Yankees or Ruskies. God damn, Nationalism is only for dumb ass tribal hypocrite morons, that goes for our flag waving dick heads here also. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are both clearly assholes, I guess you've only seen/experienced the truth about one of them so far so now you've changed your mind on that. You seem to have this instinct, to think gangster like asshole thugs are just cool or something, that is; until they burn you like Trump has. Do you really think guys like that ever have someone like yours interests in mind, and don't just care about themselves and their own power? C'mon man..

Wana nanana says:

This clown has over 170,000 subs? Honestly makes you wonder if he's either paid off by the state department or just wants to be.

Daniel Sexton says:

Great video Chris 🙂

snakebitgoat says:

The United States thought Hillary Clinton would be a good female ruler, Russia got Catherine the Great. Enough said.

Gennadii Cidemolin says:

This is just silly. Any invasion of Russia by anyone would be unfeasible in this day and age. Not only do they have a strong, well equipped standing army, but we're literally talking 20 million men holding a rifle, meaning the attackers would have to commit 60-80 million in order to over run a fortified enemy defending fixed positions. The same counts for China, nobody will be invading them either. The US is surrounded by 2 oceans and 2 countries it has great influence over and you should know that any talk you hear about a potential invader on your territory is being spouted by idiots or very ill intentioned people. Basically, nobody is invading USA, China or Russia. Or Iran for that matter.

Elliot Rodger says:

Starting to think you are a wannabe russian, Chris. With the whole orthodox shit and now this.

Christian Tychsen says:

6:37 speaking of boomers, I'd like to see you make a video on them. I haven't more disdain for a generation than them.

ThePortuguese says:

Lol, I love the dark scary graphic of Putin looking like Jean-Luc Picard after he was abducted but the borg.

I'm glad that Russia is around to cockblock America's military from running rampant over the globe, setting fire to weak countries and installing dictators where it's economically advantageous. A bipolar world is much better than an American/NATO global empire.

Intaglio Oglethorpe says:

Had Elizabeth not died and been replaced by Peter III its entirely plausible no one would ever utter the phrase "Russia is only a superpower because of their nuclear arsenal."  Lose one lousy naval battle with the Baltic Fleet to the Japanese and you're never allowed to hold your head up around other white Empires ever again, despite stopping Napoleon and Hitler when all the other whiteys were sucking their shit under occupation.

Great Helm says:

Ukraine is the cradle of the Russian people, Urkraine belongs to Russia. Anybody who says otherwise is a bitch.

Failcard says:

"OH MAN NORTH KOREA IS THE REAL THREAT GUYS, RUSSIA AINT GOT NUFFIN GUYS" I don't see how anyone can take him seriously after that statement. Especially after the DPRK's 2nd attempt to launch a missile failed.

Me And My Shadow says:

I don't know what they call it, but I like your commentary "avatar" or whatever it is that pops up when you talk. I miss 2013-14 when the videos were like this before everyone went douchey.

Producer Kris says:

This man would never say this to a Russian's face. I have dated Russian women. They WILL slap the shit out of you.

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