Wolf Blizer Admits CNN’s Sources Suck

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Wolf Blizer admits CNN needs better sources, and lectures reporter Gloria Borger because her anonymous sources keep getting everything wrong.

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Edmund says:

Nothing wrong with a CNN news anchor saying that CNN's sources suck.

samson galactis says:

stop giving these assholes free airtime, mark

stagnet04 says:

There's no more news, just gossip. "Well so and so told me-fill in the blank" boom! News story!

himynameistim says:

"CNN's" message = "see guys, we care about our sources!!!"

Nekeisha Mohan says:

Hey Mike!, Awesome as usual! 'Haven't gotten around to getting a t-shirt yet, but I will. I promise. What would make an even better t-shirt would be: "MARK DICE ROCKS!". Please design it. Stay strong, Bro.

ReeseL4D says:

Wolf Blizer is from the older generation of tv reporters who actually needed skill and knowledge to get promoted.
Current generation of tv reporters merely needs political correctness and leftist agenda and be a minority to go up the ranks.

Catoosa Dawg says:

Da Goyim know!

al 41057 says:

Mark's expressions are priceless.

Tommy Hazlewood says:

CNN : The most Busted name in news

Tim O'hara says:

So Wolf is trying to get some kind of integrity? once a liar always a liar. why is CNN still on ?

William Mondy says:

Wolf, Quest, uummmm…maybe a couple more are actually OK and CNN just disgraces them, I think Wolf and Quest are good journalist, but they are trapped, they should Bail Out of CNN to build back their reputation.

jeremiah arnett says:

Sources Told me Odumbo was a great President.

Boxer Blake says:

CNN calling out fake sources that they typically source?

prison mike says:

Their sources come from howard stern's ass

MrFrankqu58 says:

This is so funny!!! True and funny at the same time!

josiah clinch says:

THANK GOD! WELL DONE MR. Blizer! I hate your guts but I will praise when it is warranted. MORE PLEASE!

Monkey Boy says:

whoa, how integral of Wolf.

Stormbringer2012 says:

They don't have "sources" They just pull shit right outta their asses.

Bob Touson says:

CNN is over, For sale on craigslist

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