Author, Researcher, Jim Marrs Has Died RIP 1943 – 2017

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One the most famous JFK investigators has died today. Author and researcher Jim Marrs died suddenly on Aug 2nd 2017. Our condolences to Jim’s wife Carol and the rest of the Marrs family.

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Shevon Ramprasad says:


John Lost says:

Jim was awesome. Many hours spent listening to him, this sucks

Moto mike says:

Jim Marrs, we knew you through your work and that work is great and eternal.

Gary Lennon says:

They lost Rockefeller we just lost marrs.. the war continues. rip Jim .

dominique dupouy says:

so sorry to have lost a great man like Jim Marrs. Love for his family from Italy and God Bless you all.

My Channel says:

He musta started investigating the democrats, Wasserman, and the Clintons.

Anstria Greenwood says:

I'm so sorry to hear this – I have a few of his excellent books and have admired him.

Josephine Murphy says:

sad news ,a wonderful reporter ,R.I.P.

Patriot Sleeper Cell says:

God damn loved Jim and his mind. RIP you have put a big dent on the NWO thank you.

SNOOP U 2 says:

yes sure we lost a wise Man RIP JIM your work will still carrying on by all of us we will stay vigilant and keep the knowledge not for gotten this was an eye opener fer sure

pcwMailG says:

Great guy.. a real patriot..

Leo Durocher says:

rip jim marrs

John Smith says:

dude!!!!!!!!!!! You have to be kidding me… I jut got into Jim Marrs last week!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way!!!!!!!!!!! RIP

Noname Noslogan says:

God bless Jim Marrs, one of America's great heroes.
His words, work and writings will live on forever.
Rest in peace my friend.

Däs Oubliette says:

I was talking on skype with another investigator and I mentioned the last time I talked with Jim. She said "Well, he's dead now". I felt, for a moment like I'd fallen into an alternate reality, or had somehow slept for years and missed it. "She followed with, Yes, just tonight." The knowledge hit me very hard. I've felt less for relatives who have passed. He's going to leave a vast hole.

Deneze Bearclaw Lujanen says:

RIP Jim…. hope you are at peace.. i thank you for all the investigating you have done and let the public know about things that happen on our planet…. You will be sadly Missed..

Val REcO says:

James files from the grassy knoll.

humanati says:

Very sad to hear this. God bless you Jim. A gentleman who told the truth.

Dickie2shoes says:

Jim was a great UFO investigator as well, shining light on a controversial yet fascinating subject.

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