Breaking News…The FBI’s Chief CounselNow Under Investigation For Leaking Classified Information

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Breaking News…The FBI’s Chief CounselNow Under Investigation For Leaking Classified Information 7 / 27 / 2017,


Jo Ann Brainard says:

Hey the big guns from the CIA are now getting involved since the DNC is going down! They are releasing fake news through interviews! Those goverment spooks have always hid in the shadows doing their dirty work … Now I think we should be concerned. Flapper and Brennan are up to no good! Check it out. ..

Darrell Copeland says:

Drain the Swamp!! Lock em all up!!

Eugene H says:

Its called the Neocons ( R. and D.) and Corp Establishment Democrats and Republicans. They will band together to protect their criminal activities. The earlier hearing by Congress was all a show. Otherwise people caught perjuring themselves would have gone to jail. Now wouldnt they have? It was a theatrical white wash, nothing else.

But now due to outfits like Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch along with Wikileaks as well as Patriot Americans who leak about Criminal actives in our govt as opposed to political sabotage, have made the room way too hot. The American people are finally waking up. Now these so call principled Republicans have to do something and that something will need a sacrifice. Someone lower down the food chain will be thrown under the bus as a sacrifice to have the other culprits escape exposure and justice.

The swamp is made up of Democrats that refuse to listen even when presented with clear unbiased evidence which just enables the politicos to continue their criminal activity. It also includes establishment Republicans like McCane and Ryan to name the most egregious ones.

I havent watch CNN since Bernie got buried. But whenever I surf they talk about nothing else than Trump Russia collusion. Those jerks are so far behind the eight ball they will NEVER get their credibility back. I can certainly speak for myself on that matter

Homes in the Western Carolinas says:

DRAIN the swamp. Trial first hang second, all within a week!

S Solomn says:


barb fisher says:

prison I hope for all involved

Ro Jay says:

don't get your hopes up, its not illegal to unmask lol. If they provide a valid reason like 'we got intercepts that we are mandated to check' they can argue it would be dereliction of duty not to unmask and follow up. Nunez threw in the lynches name to subpoena without telling  the committee members…which suggest shaky evidence. This is my field and the unmasking part of this segment is amateurish at best. Don't hold your breath-

Ronald Coggins says:

we the people with out blinders on have seen this for a long time when can we see arrest and charges for the wrong doing of Obama administration we need action not wards !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sick Pat says:

We already know it's true, proving it may be more difficult.

Cary Gold says:

Take a look at the surveillance systems maybe there is where the leaks is coming from Donald Trump should allow an IT person to check the cameras and computers that is in the Whitehouse to see if there's a some type of installation that gives information to another communication system that is not to their knowledge

Jeanie coudriet says:

I am sick of all this bullshit! What the Hell!!!!!! What is going on in Washington! Come on, some cleaning house no really is in order! Would all this be coming out if Trump didnt win and Hillary did?

Armastat says:

What many don't understand is that in the minds of the Obama Administration unmasking the opposition was in the interests of national security, since in their minds losing the election would harm the security of the country. It is also why they had a small group of people who by working together created a network to spy on and work against the opposition. They wanted to pass on this system to Hillary.. but they never thought they would lose so didn't have it all hidden or covered up. They Need to get Trump and his policies out of the government before its all revealed.

William Garside says:

Will anyone face prosecution? Everyone knows about all the laws that have been broken, yet none of these powerful people will be prosecuted. Amazing how much corruption that went on. This is why the push on Russia, Russia, Russia.

the trooper says:

Hannity you and I hate cnn and other networks for doing the exact same thing you just did!  sensationalizing a story to make it more hurtful towards someone!!!

the trooper says:

I like Hannity but he is doing the same thing that cnn and others do by saying false things!!!  he keeps saying they unmasked hundreds of people when in fact they are being investigated for REQUESTING the names be unmasked!!!  BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

Robert DoByne says:

Can we finally lock one of these criminals up. Especially baker and wasserman

TC PossiblePossum says:

Yee fucking haha… Now, the tables turn and what goes round definitely always comes round!!!

The Dog Tutor says:

WHY are there no arrests ????????????????????????????????/

Patty Sherwood says:

Jay Sekulow is pretty awesome.

jerome fabian says:

Drain the TOILET

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