Congress Took Aim At Trump In WORST WAY, So Trump Shot Back With His Secret Weapon Today

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It is finished for good. President Donald Trump signed a bill today that adds more sanctions on Russia into law. This was a soft coup by the Senate and the Congress. It is “significantly flawed.”

Here’s what Pence said yesterday about the bill.

The bill will sanction Russia and cites the fake cyber hacking as the reason that for slapping sanctions on the North Korea and Iran. The legislation will stop Trump from lifting sanctions.

The President then called parts of the bill “unconstitutional.” He also said that the bill “encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate.”

“The Framers of our Constitution put foreign affairs in the hands of the President. This bill will prove the wisdom of that choice,” Trump said, adding that he signed legislation “for the sake of national unity.”

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Short Stop says:

Good idea, let's not get along with Russia and let's not get along with China. At least we have Japan to help us fight the whole world.

Lori Jallow says:

Either play by President Trump's rules or go home.

Rose Drown says:

Why is Trump going alomg with it if its unconstitutional and encraches on powers of executive branch..

sahara alfie says:

**{{ 92 voted for this….right …hahaha, and they think they are very smart …right…!! }} A suggestion : Impose them All THEIR VOTED damn Obamacare, no exception whatsoever, ( trust me, it will be repealed and replace in no time ) step #1 the criminals already have been investigated, this is done, step #2 PROSECUTE them all, {{that's A MUST, they are heavy criminals & should pay for their crimes as any criminal}} step #3 their sentences, so long brown noses, ~ 87% + Americans have had ENOUGH **

Ross B says:

Drain the fucking swamp like yesterday

Gary Farmer says:

They still disobey the will of the majority. They are traitors!

Faithwalker says:

The parties must be dismantled. Anyone who has been in office for more than three terms should be removed immediately. Perhaps we need a referendum on these issues. The people can take back their government when they choose.

Gabriel Judas Gofysufeb says:

The demoncrats would rather start a race war, any war rather than their corruption coming to light. We can only hope that their lies along with the main players will no face criminal charges. Kilary was guilty as hell, one rule for the so called elites and one for the hard working Joe. Their shaming tactics will no longer work on the majority of the USA as we've had enough.

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