Former CIA Director Calls for ‘Refuse Orders’ Coup If Trump Fires Mueller

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In the most vocal opposition to president Donald Trump yet, former CIA Director John Brennan said that if the White House tries to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, government officials should refuse to follow the president orders, as they would be – in his view – “inconsistent” with the duties of the executive branch.

“I think it’s the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry that out. I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue. That Republicans, Democrats are going to see that the future of this government is at stake and something needs to be done for the good of the future,” Brennan told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum, effectively calling for a coup against the president should Trump give the order to fire Mueller.

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Mikey Meredith says:

I don't know man I have mixed feelings about Trump sometimes when I start to like him he turns around and does something stupid that causes me not to like him, I don't know if trump is with the Mickey Mouse Club or not but he has been caught using the hand signs, and working on the overthrow of Syria…. hell at this point i am off the Trump train for good. The man seems like he can't hold the people together!"

raw dog says:

It appears Brennan is a full blown Muzzy and a liar just like Clapper.Yes it appears they want a coup.Likely a soft coup.

Hector St-Jacques says:

Sir, you are so full of shit, your bullshit and obvious DNC support comes out and it's channels and fake news like yours that will cause the civil war in your country. STOP giving your un-educated interpretation of the news much like CNN. People like you are the real danger in this society. Fire Mueller NOW, there is NO russian case just a bunch of DNC lawyers that are getting pay cheques to try and find something, that's called a witch hunt. Fire Sessions to, Why hasn't he arrested Wasserman, Clinton's Podesta and the rest of the gang that were actually committing crimes. You well know that the DNC are cannibals and would eat there own babies. Ask Seth Ritch and 48 others including assassinating their own president by Hoover and Johnson.

I hope Awan spills his guts, and put them all away and let a Business man turn your country back to business. Obama sold out the entire western world while letting the Clinton's cash in on it. Ask ClinTon where is the 10 BILLION dollars they received to help Haiti go to, all they gave Haiti was 900 million where is the other 9.1 billion.

Then you have idiots like Trudeau that I voted for invite 50,000 Syrian refugees that we cannot support and then he turns around and give Kdar, a murderer, and terrorist 10 million dollars.

Boy do we all need help. Hopefully Trump can bash trudeau on the head and knock some sense into him while he get rid of all the career politician and turn the country over to the people. Politician's should not be allowed to accept aany -0- dollars for elections. The election should be paid by tax dollars which would result in more honest politician not owing their careers to Corporations. DO YOU NOT REALIZE that the western world is no longer a democracy but a CORPORATE DICTATORSHIP.

You should also cut your election time frame down to 6 months. People give their hearts and souls to a cause for two years and lose. Then they realize they have lost two years of their life and they can't break the emotional roller coaster. Two years was needed back in the forties when the candidate had to ride trains but it's no longer the case.

In Canada the election is 6 or 8 weeks and it's over, we lick our wounds and go back to living.

Fine-Business Operator says:

John Brennan is a fricken loon

We the People United says:

It is at that point that WE the people need to call for a "refuse orders coup" against the deep state which is Brennan who signed the 9/11 passports when he was in Saudi Arabia. Mueller was a major part of 9/11 and the cover up! It's about time to sink the ship

gorilla twist says:

WOW– great story!

A. O. says:

Can it be any more obvious that Brennen is Deep State and is in the Group that Created this Russian/Trump collusion?
His call to Refuse Orders is eerily Similar to former Obama AG Eric Holder's PLEA for ALL Collusionists to Stay Strong!
Folks, This is Full Blown TREASON!

Francesca says:

If they do that, then the people can stop paying taxes, leaderships fails at the top, why contribute.

Michael Dunn says:

Take this F#%Ker OUT!

Gary Brodziak says:

someone stop brennan…..

Al T says:

didn't we fire this dirt bag in Nov???? Why no talk on Henry Kissinger… He's a double agent who also works for the Russian Academy of Science.. Is he over there selling America out to the Federation right now?? Or did Vlad lock his traitors ars up??

John Neubauer says:

F – Them ! Treasonous Behavior! Should be dealt with ! Put them all in Guantanamo. and start the Trials.! How Dare you go against We The People.! We Have a President that was Elected By the People.!

Paul Small says:

Key word..Former..another one that can be removed from the voter rolls…bang

eric delaney says:


Ronnie Boucher says:

crimes against the world mr brennan is wanted for mass murder and treason against humanity . hang by the neck = now it is sedition = firing squad !

trogghugger says:

Lets remind the douche about it when he's wagging form the flagpole.

Lisa Crame says:

we should rise up and get them all out and take this country back to we the people

George .Montgomery says:

Hey! That is what cops are for. Get fired, won't leave? Off to the grey bar hotel. I see no problem.

Derek Tomlinson says:

So what is Brennan saying here, hey people if Trump fires our infiltrators lets try and topple Trump. Sounds very much like treason>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I imagine there is a big list with all these people on it who are infiltrators and commiting acts of treason. It will not end well.

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