Girl’s Family to Sue School District for Suicide

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The family of a 12-year-old New Jersey girl who killed herself said Tuesday it will sue her school district for not stepping in to address the problem of cyberbullying. (Aug. 1)

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Angel says:

I hope she wins. You cannot just sit back and do nothing



Stand4 Liberty says:

fuck AP the enemy of the free speech…..don't forget to disable comments next time.

Chauntrell Wright says:

Yep society hates quiet and unique people smh. "Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that cant stop talking" by Dr Susan Cain

TheeSabin says:

What could the school do about what happens online. How about the mother talk to the parents of the kids that were being dicks. How would changing schools help with online bullshit. No wonder the kid killed herself, her mother was an idiot.

Rudy Gonzalez says:

So many questions give me jury duty on this.

rollingcan says:

If my kid was being bully. I would teach them how to fight back. When they get home from school, it's going to be mix martial art time. I would teach them how to make friend with other kids and go beat the bully. This is life, this is nature. You got to do what you can and don't let people step on you.

rollingcan says:

I don't know much about social media but can you not block people on facebook, twitter and instagram, etc?

PEPSIMAX2018 says:

not sure what kind of pig press dislike on a suicide girl case ….probably jared kushner and all the puppets from trumpanzee

Adam G says:

Someone should sue the parents for obviously failing on some level.

Random Dude says:

why is the AP afraid of free speech? we must do away with the fucking traitors. anybody that is a threat to our constitutional rights must go.

moviedude22 says:

Heartbreaking. Tragedy.

Mr Bond says:

It's not the school. It's the bad parenting.

prosperandbehealthy says:

#Schools are corrupt and need and will be abolished within 2 Years

ObeyYourMaster says:

AP forgot to disable the comment section.

Stay Tuned... says:

Who ever really knows the WHOLE story behind a suicide… but 12 years old ?? I don't hardly know what to say except in a year the girl most likely would not have felt there was no way out !! Would really have liked to have heard from the father as well. There is ALWAYS someone to talk to who truly cares… ALWAYS a solution… even if it's just time itself !! No one who has a heart would want to see a child just completely give up like this !! And I know kids can be cruel in school… believe me I've been there… but is suing so much a solution as testimony and encouragement ?? There needs to be more honest heart felt counseling (or just a friendly trusted face ) in the schools for these children so vulnerable to the harsh punches life unfortunately gives us !! God bless this little girl… and her entire family !!

r mac says:

Suing a school for cyber bullying give me a break!

colleenschwab says:

Cyber bulling is totally preventable due to parental supervision, what was the 12 year old using that would allow her to be bullied? She is too young to be on social media, and doesn't need a smart phone, so her parents are using the school as a scapegoat to her having to watch and know what her child was doing. She should be using the internet for homework and learning. Anything else is on her parents for allowing her to be on those websites.

Dakktyrel says:

So she gets bullied on devices that THEY provided to her, failed to see the patterns, failed to teach their kid the 'sticks and stones' moral, failed to teach her that suicide is a permanent solution to the temporary problem…and now they want to sue the school for their lack of parenting skills. Sounds legit ….. jerks.

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