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Sub for more: nnn.is/the_new_media | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, I think it goes without saying that the last week and a half was pretty tense between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. A lot of people thought Sessions was as good as FIRED.

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Nathan Conley says:

Gift? More like go do your job Sessions. He's been too busy getting stoned on refer madness.

Main 1 says:

Only after he go after Comey for leaking will this be big news

William Gilpin says:

Trump is smart enough to change out these no hitters
as often as he changes out his underwear. 8317

Dodge Hemi says:

Prohibition AG, legal weed is what drives out Cartel. Where did all the MOONSHINE go ? Liquor stores are TAXED, MOONSHINE not taxed nor regulated by FDA and it isn't tasty.

Dodge Hemi says:

Sessions won't have much longer to convince us that he is a Trumpie. Says he answer NOT to Prez, but to America people. Hey dummy, we THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE WITH TRUMP AND HE IS THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. Get Hip or Get OUT

Scott Page says:

He finally ended the "war on drugs"? Yeah, that'll happen. I don't do them, but what a waste of our money to fight against them for 60 years and have nothing to show for it. Do drugs if you want, just don't endanger anyone else.

Sessions won't end the WOD, that's his favorite thing to focus on.

I doubt Sessions sticks to investigating the leakers. He's one of the good 'ol boys.

Thomas Laupert says:

get him out of there

BuGaTTiVeYrOn007 says:

He should of fired him

Mike Davis says:

get rid of him hes like having a parachute on a dragster at the starting line . get rid of him now . closet globalist plant .

Dr. Claw says:

Sessions: Willing to crack down on potheads but not Clinton instead

Marilyn says:

…for our country

Marilyn says:

Sessions does NOT have what is truly needed in this time for our

Ag Randall says:

Nothing ever changes in DC and Trump is not doing what he said about Health Care and that #uckin pisses me OFF.

Annette Bell says:

Still think he is too wussy. Nice man. But not a bulldog.

TheKing Arrives says:

Sessions is afraid of the Clintons I wonder why

Jack Kilpatrick says:

That isn't an "amazing gift". That's basic as fuck. He should've opened that investigation months ago. The fact that it took him this long is not a GOOD thing. It means he's a shitty AG. And he is. He needs to get the fuck out already.

John Chapman says:

Why not expose the all the lies and propaganda coming from the American media, military and government about Russia just in an attempt to increase the military budget and fill the pockets of politicians, bankers and elites? Russia is no threat and North Korea could be eliminated in a month without spending more wasteful money on military toys for the children and psychopaths running the military.

The Spook says:

I don't smoke weed, but I'll be damned if I want the government to tell me I can't!

Lacuna Leora says:

well that wasnt what trump had for session……. seems like it was planned my trump he had sessions removed possible due to democrat eyes watching him too much

Tim Kuhner says:

If he doesn't perform he will be replaced. Trump has made that clear. I can't believe that I'm saying this but after all the crap he has put up with, it looks like Trump is actually going to keep his campaign promises. I'll believe it when I see it, but I think he is taking a no BS approach and treating this like a real job.

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