Hilarious!… Breaking Now:The GOP Gives The Lunatic Left The Middle Finger On Tax Reform

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Hilarious!… Breaking Now:The GOP Gives The Lunatic Left The Middle Finger On Tax Reform . 8 / 2 / 2017


Petria Norfleet says:

Can't wait to vote out obstructionists…..its coming!

Dee Santiago says:

GOP needs to grow some balls and give Dems the finger on everything. They are irrelevant and losers. They have fucked up this country beyond recognition. Look at all the crime in so called liberal-progressive cities. Get lost!

Marta Caballero says:

So Schumer is willing to punish the American people in order to get their way… Tsk tsk tsk

I'm ready to vote!!! Anyone else???

Javier Vasquez says:

The rich pay about 80% of all taxes collected (the 10%). While the other 90% only pay 20% (the poor & middle class). Therefore, the rich do pay their fair share, more then what's fair I would say. In any case, the new tax reform will greatly help the poor, anyone that cares for the poor should vote for it.

With the new tax reform will have 4 tax brackets. 0%, 10%, 20%, and 25. While corporations will pay 15%. Single people making 25k or less won't pay taxes, while couples making 50k won't pay taxes either. In short, the new tax reform will be very beneficial for our economy to grow. Since more people will have more disposable income to spend. And companies will have more to invest. More so if business killing regulations are done away with.

I hope this reform passes. Especially, if am not mistaken, it will remove tax loop hole holes. Which means, everyone will pay their taxes in full.

Full Nelson TV says:

Cryin' Boy Chuckie Schumer please go for a swim in some shark infested waters. It's what is best for the Country.

Richard Kincaid says:

Get rid of demos, they don't have mind enough to be in there.

Richard Kincaid says:

They're scared again.

Hunter Jones says:

The Republicans better get their shit together or 2018 isn't going to go good for them, but then again is that their plan? If they let the democrats get back to house and senate then they have their excuse back why they can't do anything, it not like they would all lose their seats and cushy jobs. Then the Dems would go full retard on the President and the Republicans could say "OH it's not us, and they have the power, we really liked the President"

Meh Whatever says:

What he means is that he will use his RINO plants to tank whatever they try.

Charles Taylor Taylor says:

chuck shumer low life white trash

drews879 says:

F Schumer !

Doc Tyler says:

so check Schumer is asking the Republicans not to make the same mistake the Democrats did when they passed the healthcare?
This time it's tax cuts, trust me every Republican is going to vote for it if its not crazy. We don't need Democrats on this, tell em to go kiss Trump's ring!

tammlen 2 says:

…Congress Dems are insane. Can't work with people who are mental.

Grande1124 says:

Schumer is such a cunt.

Zippy Davis says:

(Forgive the language) Schumer is a piece of shit.

Daniel Castellammare says:

The leftists dems, demanding dems, criminals in office, giving demands, as if they are robbing a bank. It's transparent they only care about themselves and the business of politics, instead of Representation, public service, etc. What a cancer the left is. How about the Dems bring a spirit of actually wanting to work with the Republicans, because right now the democratic party's strategy is to come to the republicans with unrealistic terms, and then blame the republicans for not wanting to work with them. Then they claim innocence when things aren't getting done. That's the plan, to keep things stagnant until 2018 and then 2020. But I do wish the republicans were more united and would react to the dems tactics with a smarter reaction than this.

David Morgan says:

Please get that dum Liberal side mouth talking off this show.

Sydplayson says:

What? Now the libscum care about the deficit?

My Name Is Jeff says:

Kennedy can get it

jug gernug says:

Democrats should try to win an election if they want to impose thier ideas.

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