HILARIOUS!…Must Watch Judge Jeanine As She Literally Secures The Southern Border For Fox News

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OMG… Literally one of the funniest things I have ever seen this clip will have you ROTFLYAO


The AntiCoIntelPro Show says:

When Judge Jeanine Closed The Fence I Was Rolling!

proud to be white says:

I was hoping to hear her yell at some illegals and watch them scurry back to mexishithole.

reesysleather says:

eanienobody wants to see you in short skirt. You appear to be trolling for underage kids. nobody wants to see your saggy midrift of your damn tits. u are a skankywhore so cover up bitchNobody thinks you are cool. maybe 40 years agao but not anymore damn skank

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