HILARIOUS! Must Watch Now The President’s Aide Miller Utterly Eviscerate CNN’s Jim Acosta

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HILARIOUS! Must Watch Now The President’s Aide Miller Utterly Eviscerate CNN’s Jim Acosta… TUCKER & MARK STEYN DO PLAY BY PLAY . 8 / 2 / 2017,


Lyn 00000000 says:

This man needs to go and live in a foreign country like Sudan. He would soon find out what Islam isThen he would change his mind if he is a live

Lyn 00000000 says:

You would drown your country in people, that could not work, could not communicate, and would have their own ethnic ties, and not gel with the country, but would kill it.

Andrea Hardwick says:

Jim Acosta's is rude, inappropriate, disrespectful, uninformed, disruptive, immature, combative and certainly not doing his job which is to report, not debate, make speeches or present uneducated suppositions. This is not a classroom setting for a narcissistic personality with delusions of grandeur to act out at the expense of others. Enough. Send him off for a psychiatric examination and counselling and let the Press Room get on with journalism.

Tammy Jordan says:

I ADORE Steven Miller

Lance Elliott says:

Please quit calling ignoramus Demon-Rats, Liberal. Thomas Jefferson was a liberal; and No ignoramus.

Derek Hajos says:

Why does the WH not kick Jim Acosta to the curb? Because Jim speaks him mind, as limited as it is. He shows us what an ignorant fool looks like. What WH spokes person would find it difficult to trash such a fool?

SeaDragon says:

Exactly how Liberal's live with a prejudice bias mind set.

Will R.C. says:


just amazed says:

Jim Acosta dyes his hair which shows how insecure this little pathetic want to be a real man is.

Dennis Stock says:

Maybe the Statue of Liberty needs an adjustment along the line of those Confederate Statues of the south.

not yrbsns says:

We need to send that damn statue back to France. They and the EU are living the statue of liberty dream with all the Muslim immigrants.

Sauron Merciful says:

Fuck the neo nazi trump administration

timm55 says:

I say if the liberals want to bring in more immigrants than let them and if you are a registered Democrat you pay more in taxes this would include state, federal, property and sales tax and add an extra tax to fund more welfare and healthcare for all the extra people everyone else's taxes pay for now! In closing; CALEXIT CALEXIT CALEXIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

randi halvorson says:

Total burn! Thats right., throw their own shit right back in their smug faces.

Donald Powers says:


godisgood603 says:

Where has this guy been hiding? He's awesome

Will Smith says:

Acosta is just a city slicker. But more importantly a smug asshole

B L says:

Hahahaha! CNN is such a freaking joke.

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