HILARIOUS!… President Trump Threatens To Take Away Special Congressional HC Subsidies

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HILARIOUS!… President Trump Threatens To Take Away Special Congressional HC Subsidies


bob palmer says:

Do it! Do it. Serves them right. They do not deserve any Bail Out!!!!!!.

Carol Thomason says:


Christopher Hagen says:

These are things that Congress should earn not just hold their hand out and expect

Silver Surfer says:

Awesome statements from Pres. Trump! Congress drags their feet while the people struggle. Hit Congress in their wallet for sure.

William Marvin says:

'DRAIN THE SWAMP'…includes the Republicans, too.

Brd Brge says:

McCain would have died last week if he was under full Obamacare law. To bad he wasn't

Brd Brge says:

Trump is a beast. Beast mode in effect

Chili B says:

Good reporting, not fake news.

bob palmer says:

The Congress should have to live as we do. Obama care, our laws, our retirement programs. Term Limits. No bailing big businesses that don't make it, Banks. Enough is Enough.

James G says:

They make a "law", they LIVE WITH IT!!!

Patty Sherwood says:

Get government out of healthcare entirely. Medical care used to be affordable years ago.

Trees Climbing & Gear says:

Make Congress Eat their own Cooking!

stevebrownrocks says:

Congress shouldn't get any special priveleges at all. Obama & HILDO should be in jail at the very least. All the spies & leakers need to be disposed of. When will any of these things happen?

Michael Ewing says:

It's sad the democrats will continue to allow the country to suffer, rather than work on a real solution.

Jack Dudley Austin Jr. says:

Trump wants to take away congresses healthcare subsidies until congress passes his healthcare bill that takes away the peoples subsidies. In the end The American people lose their subsidies and healthcare and congress keeps theirs BULLSHIT!!! Trump thinks the American people are idiots!!!! FUXX TRUMP!!! Trump is an enemy of the American people!!!!

kenneth wickstrom says:

Who does congress work for?

Matt Miller says:

Why are they receiving anything different than what your average citizen is receiving. Stop the two sets of rules . Three Term Limits, two in office and one in prison.

Michelle Lamson says:

It's more like drain the septic tank


Hell yeah we are sick of the whole rotten mess that is DC corrupt politicians.

soulbrotherify says:

Cut their pay and take congress and senate members health insurance away from them Mr. President.

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