HORRIFIC!… Is The Only Way To Describe This Jesse Watters Segment 7 / 29 / 2017

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HORRIFIC!… Is The Only Way To Describe This Jesse Watters Segment . 7 / 29 / 2017


ayr1225 says:

Fyi, they're all minority's. Get a clue. We've been invaded. We're not America any longer we're a third world country now. Thanks obama you black ass traitor.

fish bord says:

for everyone who is wondering why she did not help her sister…. i just saw the full vid… its wholly apparent to me and anyone who watched it shes already dead. how ever continuing to record for your benefit saying how much you love your sister and kissing her dead body saying how much you love her like a true sociopath with out an ounce of emotion on your face the part no one is seeing here. she plays with her sisters cut up bashed in face for about 2 min all the while faking emotion and saying how much she loves her making blanket statements about how "unfortunate the accident was.

Wolvain Talton says:


bungalowwil says:

It doesn't stem from "the video world". It stems from not having any moral compass and slowly becoming a sociopath.

loddicc says:

Whats wrong? Their Democrats.

Johan Kotze says:

We now live in a world created by Muslim Mufti Barack Hussein Obama and his plethora of lowlife cultural Marxists scumbags.

Injustice says:

This has fuck all to do with video games, its more the left promoting snowflakes with no fucking morals as they have been raised without any form of discipline. When i was a kid if i stepped out of line i would get the belt and trust me you dont break the rules again, these days its so fucked up a kid could murder somone and the parents would probably reward them as not to oppress their feelings.

Luzitanium says:

video game gets the guilt??? bullshit, the human specie quality is in decline because we dont let the weaker ones die we keep them in our society.

Daniel Robitaille says:

The drowning is normal niggers are niggers but the white bitch…….unfuckingbelievable

Javier Vasquez says:

This has nothing to do with video games, I've played video games for years, and I don't act like this one bit.

This behavior has to do with social media like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Where people now wanna share their stupidity, or any shocking video they capture with others to get likes, views and comments.

Chris Dixon says:

I wonder if they would act the same if they were the victim

Robert Sharos says:

Jesse is a savage " raised these monsters "

Mr D. says:

I live in the great southern state of South Carolina and we down here black and white alike ALL have respect for each other…they was just as appalled at those worthless teens watching and mocking that disabled man drowning among hundreds and hundreds of cases around the country and ESPECIALLY in shitcago where they are out of control…and they watch Fox News and Jesse they take offence when you and others called them African American…they say and rightly so that they are black Americans and wish people would quit calling them African Americans….I made that mistake one time years ago and they handed my ass to me…no not violently but in speaking to me and I haven't said that sense…..

Jacob Schneider says:

well now, i wounder what the common denominator in the three videos are.
Oh yea, NIGGERS, (and a half breed wanna be nigger, you know, WIGGER)
but hey, black lives matter don't ya know.

Trading Wizard says:

Best teen to help run the next DNC campaign.

Laurie St Lyon says:

There has always been sick idiots. The point is they used to be hidden unless they committed a crime. Now they have access to put it on social media for the world to see!
Its not that there is neccesarily more of them its that we ALL get to see them.

Final Trump says:

There's a bible verse that speaks to this: And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Matthew 24:12

Dave Underwood says:

I would be willing to bet that those morons were raised by single moms.

Live Free or Die says:

Giving the crazy people excuses now? Its because their hearts turned cold and just don't have one amount of humanity in them!!

The guy who was drowing, I'd prolly would have frozed at first but then called 911 and try to save the man,

The girl, should have got off of her phone and helped her family member!!

Nothing to do with media or videos, It had to do how much they cared about another human! Which seemed like they selfish!!
Maybe bad parenting also? Or just bad people? Culture ? Idk but don't make up excuse for these people! They'll just use that excuse to hurt more people!! We don't need people like that!

Uncle Willy says:

They came for my Facebook; I didnt give a shit. Then they came for my video games; I went full Harambe on dey aisses.

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