It Begins: Wisconsin Company Installs RFID Microchips In Employees

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A Wisconsin company announced this week that it plans to install microchips in employees, but they are insisting there will be ‘no GPS tracking’.
Three Square Market, a company that designs software for break room markets, is about to become the first in the US to offer microchip implants to its employees.
According to their press release, the program will be optional for employees and the company will begin implementation on August 1.
The implanted Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip will allow workers to make purchases in their break room micro market, open doors, login to computers, use the copy machine, among other things.

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isabel Hughes says:

It began years ago with Walmart implanting customers. Solo health machine. Call the Walmart help line and ask about the solo health machine

uykczd says:

50 of the dumbest fuckers on the planet,live in wisconsin.

Bono love says:

Are people that ignorant?

Lemon Panda says:

AHAHAHAHA, sorry but no frecking way.

ytor qwerty says:

t.child nails

Julie Furaitor says:

They keep saying there's no GPS tracking involved in get these chips. Lies. Don't do it. No job is worth getting chipped. Useless technology that prolly has health risks.

Gods Child says:


Tuxedo Mask says:

fuck that! imagine everyone having a chip and the gov. able to shut us down by this chip. >.<


Chips for sheeps.

Doplr says:

The future looks very dark

Brandon Garfias says:

a new job for sure but let me just say this to those who try to require it you'll eat a bullet before I get chipped

Peggy Englebrake says:

If you take the chip, you have just given away your life

Bob Gillis says:

Dateline August 5th, 2021, Acapulco, Mexico: Police today found 12 severed hands of theft victims. Police believe that thieves used the hands to access ATM accounts belonging to their victims.

Stephanie Somsen says:

hey i am from wisconsin and i will tell you we are going to be the resistance!! now wtf happend when for instance someone got this robot chip and it happened to get infected but the doctor cannot remove it because it is government property? where are the lines drawn with this crazy shit?!?! not this chick they will never get me!

Truth is the new hate speech says:

fucking morons…..puppets at best. they are going to make this mandatory in order to fly very soon. watch and see. Also banks will soon be giving it to their brainwashed customers too, in order to make transactions and purchases. NWO.

Kathlyn Hinesley says:

Cancer risk people!

giggles says:

the mark of the beast is not a chip is a person smh when religious people is going to wake up and start understanding your own scriptures, this whole thing is a set up for religious people because they know the religious people will not accept it

BurgerStupr says:

What the fuck!! I can't actually believe some people are dumb enough to get a chip. Fuck this shit.

Robbie Powell says:

No thank you. I quit.

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