Joyless Reid Just Told The Dems To Forget About White People… Cue Tucker Destruction!

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Joyless Reid Just Told The Dems To Forget About White People… Cue Tucker Destruction! 8 / 1 / 2017


thinga majiggy says:

Black votes are easier to get than white votes? Why is that exactly?

Fareed G says:

Donald Trump was the first Republican President I voted for. Yes I am Black. What black people need to do is stop listening to black people like Joy R. They are only concerned about themselves. Obama's Presidency should have shown black people that.

Jo-Ann Caravana says:

Imagine if someone in the public arena, a white person said this about black people. They would be destroyed. It's so bizarre that this is acceptable.

Neil Anderson says:

Negros should start their own party and have joy run it.

Eirexeyes says:

Well, we all know the whites would win a war. But that ain't gonna happen.. Right!?

Judas Priest says:

Joy is the only black stupid bitch!

Judas Priest says:

Racist bitch!


Fine, they will never accomplish anything.

ColdDead Hands says:

God, She's one nasty looking bitch! She's just another mentally deranged LIBTARD! I don't think minorities would support Dems after their failure year after year to actually do what they say! Minorities aren't stupid they know now how badly Dems have been screwing them over for decades! Dems could care less about minorities their just another vote!

Michele Patak says:

Joy is delusional all us plain folk love together in minority neighborhoods I'm sure if I'd pay attention to how many of what race id give a number but the truth is most decent white people don't see color we see character no matter ur nationality or race

henry nenjamin says:

the Dems should keep this as their primary message for the next election

Pedro Gallegos says:

Joy Reid Is a RACIST black BITCH
that supports BLM,
another RACIST HATE group..

Martin Feroli says:

"Start" viewing whites as the enemy? Democrats have viewed us as the enemy since we took their slaves away and Then, gave those slaves civil rights.

Revxss says:

And the Dems wonder why they lost to a clown…….
Seriously. You don't win people over to your side by calling them deplorable and writing them off as a lost cause.

gbo o says:

she learned from dear leader.After the dems lost both sen.cong.Obama gave speech saying he heard the voices of all who didn't vote.

loyd christmas says:

Wow…yet me being white if I said that I'd be labeled racist…the double standards are so ridiculous

Nazi Brown Shirt says:

This is the Socialist black elitist Outlook.

Laleesh Pleetu says:

What a hateful woman. And ugly as ape shit.

Joel Chia says:

Typical race-baiting elite

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