Laura Ingraham Nails The DS To The Wall 8 / 1 / 2017

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Laura Ingraham Nails The DS To The Wall 8 / 1 / 2017


LaDonna Lynn says:

Donald Trump can be our dictator anytime

Lynn Mack says:

They can resist him from a jail cell

Josef Szentjobi says:

Maybe President Trump should take away Congress' health care subsidy, so they could feel the burn, (pun intended), pain of paying FULL PRICE for their Medical insurance, like the rest of us do !!

Dang G says:

flake the snake

InTheNameOfJustice says:

"We don't do that (Kill) people in this country (Like the Clintons do), we fire them (like Trump is doing)."

terry stinnett says:

You will not wake the Media up they are aware of all the B.S. they chose to be the enemy of Trump ! Also are the enemy of the American people !

Bard Provenzano says:

The Establishment must be exposed, repeatedly, consistenty, relentlessly!!!

whatever3210 says:

Very soon we won't be able to comment, or even like or find the current news videos we're looking for. Google is screwing us all over.

Kurt Hanssen says:

The Liber-turds, the Dumbo-Crappers, the Idiotic Snowflakes, it is going going going down the drain out of the swamp, they are against the people, they got no agenda besides this ghost chase Russia and who is telling you that Russia is bad are the people that are colluding with Russia, The Clinton Mafia, Comey, and The NaZZioe Mueller Killarys errand boy that delivered the URANIUM to Putin, and Killary's take was $.150.000000.00. this is the people that are telling you that Russia is bad. Loretta Lynch got the Russin civilian lady into the US.

IronCross says:

Start shooting these fucking Demo-Communist muthrfuckers.

Yellow Rose says:

how do they get away with all their crimes? The People of this USA do not get away with anything. The prisons are full overfull with people who had NO INTENT some no knowledge that what they did was illegal. Some sent to prison with no hard evidence at all. We see daily the evidence against those in DC with plenty of hard evidence of their crimes, walking the Halls of THE PEOPLES HOUSE. It is not justice


And the camera's lost signal

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