Must Watch Chris Wallace Pounce On Aged Mentally Disabled Nancy Pelosi The Queen Fool Of The DemoRat

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Must Watch Chris Wallace Pounce On Aged Mentally Disabled Nancy Pelosi The Queen Fool Of The DemoRat . 7 / 30 / 2017


Patrick Stancil says:

i think she takes meth

Silver hybrid says:

Cover the cost sharing and bill the cost for the sharing to the democrats, but also make them carry the same health insurance the American people do.

Bruce Sanborn says:

Affordable care act can be resolved by all congressman and senators to have the same coverage that they try to cram down our pie holes!

Libery One says:

She is a certified wack job, just like the voter's in the Land of Fruits & Nut's who put her in office.

Richard Dewey says:

AMERICANS SPOKE NOV 8TH! REPEAL we don't need your hand outs! I wanna buy my own CHEAP fucking insurance you old hag!

cratedog64 says:

Pelosi? A master? Oh, THATS RACIST!!   She looks so lost, she refuses to answer a question straightforward, she ducks direct questions, and THATS why democrats will continue to lose, because they're too stupid to know any better. Only time dems did anything was when they had complete control of the entire gov't; that's how ObamaCare was passed. Lets not forget about the bribery going on during the final days; they showed it live on tv for god's sake!!! Democrats are like AIDS, their damage goes on forever.

Steve says:

Pill – popping Pelosi is brain dead just like her idiotic constituents in San Fran freako who keep electing her.

Steve says:

She means 'the unaffordable care act' which is nothing more than an insurance scam. If I was looking for health, a US hospital is the last place I'd look.

allan matthews says:

I'm sorry Nancy, you don't have what it takes. You seem to be inadequate intellectually and ideologically. To top it off you look like a plastic phony with that forced smile and those obvious dentures you keep displaying behind that forced smile. You make no sense when you talk because you keep trying to defend failed policy and programs. Please Nancy. just give it up and go home.. You may have a few years left to sit back and enjoy some of that ill gotten gain you and your husband have piled up. Why continue denigrating yourself like this when it's not necessary, or have you some how been compromised and can't quit??

al karg says:

CA youngsters (that vote) must think she's got "cute bunny eyes" or something to keep electing this G-ma but, democratic seniors must like her because she's a dementia spokesperson – leader with dentures flapping proudly during her difficult tongue exercises. Pelosi def on some Maryjane.

Karen Russell says:

She is 10 years+ past retirement age. This is a joke.

Tabac1959 says:

Trump is for the American people; and, will replace anyone, anytime, the situation justifies the action.

138Vic says:

Actually, "A Better Deal" sounds like what Obama ran on in 2008. Nothing will ever get done, just words.

tirro sr says:

She's worth about $120 million, you think she would pay for her own health care. Nope she gets great health benefits and she wants us to have crap. How about just leaving the Health Care alone you old hag. She's 77 years old you think it's time to retire?

Anthony Douglass says:

She is the epitome of republican California literally Brian dead

Todd says:

Seems to me that they the Dems do not want to work together. They just want it all their way and that it the best reason I know of to vote against them. Get them out of office and free America and its people. They will not win anything in 2018 as the will never change.

pa triot says:

health care is a right?
fn crackpot

SRV. 123 says:

I have been around some of the most powerful Liberals known. In private settings. And everyone of them are raging alcoholics. Whereas Republicans are just crazy.

Drewtazy says:

Lying Cuckoo Clock Pelosi!

Scott Shoemake says:

Did she know what she was saying when she was saying

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