Must Watch Geraldo Rivera Nail It On The Reince Priebus Exit

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Must Watch Geraldo Rivera Nail It On The Reince Priebus Exit


Dennis Gauthier says:

Geraldo is still as relevant as Al Capones vault. He's not a serious journalist any more. Just go home and stop your fear mongoring. You are irrelevant until YOU get serious. Don't even get me started

Jim Wilson says:

Geraldo's a wee willy, just not with it, too many magic mushrooms in his younger years.

Beyond_the_Infinite says:

Why doesn't Hannity just put mannequins around him and ask them questions, so he can answer for them. Hannity is so damned pedantic.

Patty Rogers says:

The "interview" was a phone conversation and by all indications, Scaramucci was not aware that the disgraceful reporter would print it. Mooch needs to get this under control and only release info that will benefit the message and policy. #MoochBehavingBadly. #LizzaBehavingBadly

Patty Rogers says:

I hope Pres Trump lets Kelly do his job. Otherwise this is going to get very bad.

MB McMahon says:

Hannity has gotten so bizarre. He won't let his panels speak. He argues constantly. I am going to others for information, not people screaming over each other.

aj noname says:

Let geraldo finish his thoughts you are starting to piss me off not wanting to listen to you anymore

aj noname says:

I agree with geraldo hannity should have let him finsh

Greg James says:

This is ridiculous.

Why does Hannity even ask the question if he isn't going to allow a response without constant interrupting when he doesn't like the direction of the response.

That is rude and unprofessional and is straight out of the CNN playbook. Next thing you know the feed will "mysteriously" go down, in the middle of a response Hannity doesn't agree with. Talk about the Don Lemon school of interviewing!

Pastor Marty says:

Hannity, Geraldo was right. You gave Reince a pass.

Molo Tulo says:

I agree with Geraldo!

Starla Wagoner says:

Geraldo needs to look at the full picture what a dumbass he is come on he didn't even have a decent show on TV now I just tries to walk around and act like his opinion means something what a freakin loser thank God for Trump and God bless us all and the USA

The Dog Tutor says:

DUH, Priebus nailed it himself WITH the President…for the betterment of the American people, Trump continues to tune his macine, but Heraldo keeps trying to turn it evil…btw MOST of America expected Trump to win, only lamestream media and dumbass dems didn't

Javier Vasquez says:

Geraldo is right, if i understood what he said. Trump gotta get rid of leakers and heads of staff that don't crackdown on leakers. Scaramucci and Kelly will be great at this, hopefully…

Wake Up says:

Hannity is wrong here.

Tended Olive says:

No. His office was leaking. Kelly better fire half the staff.

K Mac says:

I do think Priebus helped get Trump in. Breaks my heart that he turned Frido.

Jeffrey Arnold says:

now THAT'S the Geraldo i remember from way before talkshow fame. he used to be a feisty, get out in the field, and may get dirty kind of reporter.

tall muter says:

Go Geraldo!

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