Must Watch Loyal Trumpster Mike Huckabee Go Off On All Of The Globalist & The Enemies From Within

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Mike Huckabee in rare form in defense of our President Trump against all thing global . 7 / 31 / 2017


bonnie wood says:

What's sad is that Rep. Lee either doesn't know, or won't acknowledge, that illegal immigration has hurt the black community more than any other!

Dottie A says:

Yep, President Trump is not experienced in politics! That is a BIG positive. Politicians have screwed up the US for years!

C Warren says:

So according to Lee enforcing the law and protecting our borders is extreme? She's an idiot!

Cyndi's SoapBox says:

I'm trying to figure out how enforcing the law is militant extremism? These libs are absolutely insane.

Victoria Stuart says:

Why didn't the Democrats think it was "extreme policy" when Obama, Bill AND Hillary wanted to put up a wall and secure our borders? Talk about sheep, Obama banned these same countries, how is it bad for Trump to do the same?

InTheNameOfJustice says:

Another name for Globalism is one they don't want to talk about. It's neo-feudalism.

Martin Feroli says:

Maxine Waters has competition for congressional dumb ass.

gbo o says:

flake is a fraud.Hes the bitch who would be voting for TPP.There not conservative there globalist.

gbo o says:

first they passed laws stealing all the wealth from us and now they are socially engineering us to get away with there crime

Dan Wolfe says:

Is there anyone from California that works in Washington that has an IQ above that of a rock? If so who are they?

Neil Anderson says:

If negros are Pisces off, you know it's the right thing to do.

IronCross says:


Pedro Gallegos says:

Barbara Lee

FUCK that BLM supporting Bitch…

felipe cruz says:

I don't like Kelly. I think president Trump has made a big mistake by putting him as chief of staff. You must remember that Kelly called Comeye when President Trump fired Comey. Kelly called him to tell him that he was sorry that President Trump fired him. Birds of a feather flock together. I think caramucci was an excellent pick because you know where you stand there I am really upset that President Trump fired caramucci. People like Corey Lewandowski and caramucci and Giuliani are loyalists to our president and those are the people that President Trump needs to hire. Kelly on the other hand called the corrupt comey and threatened to quit his DHS position because he was also so upset that President Trump fired Comey!!!

Anthony Conte says:

What has that bitch done for this country.

Asiantinos Striker Fire says:

That cali black lady is out of touch and traitor to America period and she need to be voted out office ASAP.

Jesse Parris says:

That was NOT Jimmy Hendrix playing his own song. That was somebody else covering it. Other than that, you guys are on point.

Dee Smith says:

Gen. Kelly has OLD management style, unfortunately. General Kelly doesn't understand yet that the corporate media, including Fox, is dead . I think it's unfortunately that General Kelly pushed to get rid of Scaramucci as Director of Communications but hopefully Scaramucci will be replaced by someone else just like him with the same sort of understanding of the new media paradigm that exists today on social media and independent analysis from various YouTube channels. As for Gen. Kelly being an "extremist", that couldn't be further from the truth. No one is promoting the breaking up of families, to my knowledge, except those who object to the minor children being deported with their parent(s) as would be the responsible and decent thing to do. Having national borders that we can actually monitor and enable us to decide who is allowed into our country and who isn't is not an "extreme" position either. It's common sense AND it's one of the few responsibilities OF our federal government. There is no "Muslim ban" so I'm not sure what this retarded Democrat woman is even talking about. And don't pretend that the Democrat party is nothing BUT advocates for centralized _everything_, particularly _power_. The Democrats are the U.S. party of the Global Corporate Imperialists. This woman's a joke. Gong her off the stage now.

I'm Mary Poppins Y'All says:

Sessions transfers to DHS and the President gets an outsider junk yard dog for A.G.

Hoo Flungpoo says:

Flake: nothing more needs to be said.

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