Must Watch Molly Hemingway Beat Down Marie Barf Over The Infamous Trump Russian Dossier

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Must Watch Molly Hemingway Beat Down Marie Barf Over The Infamous Trump Russian Dossier


terry stinnett says:

Barf……………………….. Good name !

keri goncalves says:

the left are trying everything to fuck this president all this investigation waste of time and money dont they realize all the dirt is coming out about the dnc not trump , bunch of idiots

jackalope- eye says:

This video is mistitled. Sorry, but the russia investigation DID start because of this dossier. The special counsel was brought about because of it. People were unmasked because of it.

Maggie Goff says:

How in the world does Harf get hired by anyone? She hasn't changed one iota since Obama, and all my military friends used to make jokes about her. Good grief. I love Molly.

K Mac says:

This is why Mollie is one of my favorites.

Measured, intelligent and a voice that's silky smooth.

Marie Harf is why I no longer watch Fox News.

Jim M says:

I can hardly stand to watch Marie Harf. She hasn't changed at all since her days at the Dept of State. We know what the investigation(s) are about, you……….whatever. What? Does Fox News now just have these little snippets of cat fights just to fill time holes? I mean, what the F*&% was that? What a joke. This network's ratings should be going through the roof right now with everything the others have been doing, but something tells me the ratings aren't vertical. I'm fairly sure if that was the case, they would be falling all over themselves telling us about it.

Darrell Copeland says:

Barf is a snowflake twit!

Ronald Leslie says:

Marie wipe ovomit shit coated dick out of ur mouth it stinks like ur lying opinions now u smell like mooches(Michelle) shit covered ass u stink like butt sweat

Robert Cusack says:

Hemingway is an absolutely disgusting and vile human being. This kind of sub-human scum will say the first thing that rolls of their forked tongues and their Sheeple take that as gospel so go spread the lies regardless of truth and facts..Cancer!

l0wr3z says:

Only Democrats could push that dodgey dossier

Laleesh Pleetu says:

Man, i just popped in at msnbc, and you ought to hear the conspiracy theory they are spinning! I had to gtfo of there! I thought i was in some alternate universe! They are saying trump wouldn't have his empire if russia had not supported him; they financed his real estate, indeed trump towers, to launder money for them! Jesus! They must be losing their minds with hillary and a few other choice demoncrats about to be investigated.

Northeast Peanut says:

Sick demorats, of course. Marie Harf is disgusting, she needs to gtfo

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