One of the Awan Brothers Behind Trey Gowdy As the DNC Server Is Being Discussed | Watch his face

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To Tell The Truth says:

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Trish Mac says:

Looks just like like one of Awan Bros. George Webb has photos to compare. George Webb channel.

grandematapalo says:

he was signaling to someone across from him.

Moop Hatcow says:

How does he get his face so shiny I wonder ah…man this sux I wsh I was wiping my ass with rocks…oh shit look serious… Woah that was excessively serious… Tone it back…

Anne Bradley says:

If you people keep failing to post my comments, I will unsubscribe and tell others you are social engineering..

Anne Bradley says:

The real evil eyes are Nancy Pelosi! Hiring these young men who were trained to commit cyber crime. George Soros did a similar Satanic thing with Jews n Hungary. His father changed his name from Schwarz to Soros and sent him to Hungary to tell Hitler where he could find the Jews. THESE YOUNG MEN WERE PROBABLY DOING WHAT THEIR FATHER WANTED THEM TO DDO. Yes, they should still be held accountable but nail the. father! My suspicion.

Sharon Tobe says:

I noticed him when I first saw this and wondered if it was one of the Awan brothers.

Brian Keith says:

looked a little worried to me

Jim Frugia says:

Check out his eyes at 23, 24, 25 seconds! Watch what they do!
Anyone else pick up on this?

Jack Oldham says:

A lot more than his eyes are evil.


I knew something was fishy with this guy when I watched this on C-SPAN

TheBertMan Rox says:

That's insane. Why and how is he sitting in the hearings so close to Mr. Gowdy? Who let him in?

Deborah Adams says:

Why is he sitting there in the first place? His eyes shot wide open!! Why weren't these men arrested, instead of fired ( except by Debbie Wasserman) They were blackmailing her, that's not difficult to figure out….. This brother, the whole family should be behind bars, the democrats just let them all leave the country except Awan, I guess he had loose ends to tie up before he left. There is no law for these people. It's disgusting to watch this circus of a government we have. Thank goodness for Trump! It took an outsider to come in an expose these criminal circus animals. All we can do is pray these bozos will be prosecuted. I'm not holding my breath though.

iondetox says:

He is shitting.. I hope Trump makes him sing like a little songbird then execute his traitorous ass!!

marcy overby says:

the guy behind he black or Arab.

Lewrene Lamse says:

Why is Muslim setting behind Trey Gowdy ? This is creepy , his eyes don't look right ,

Joe Wilson says:

He looks like he is very close to being found out and now it shows

Betz Laplant says:

not only giving evil eye but hand signals as well who is he suggesting too

William Matthews says:

I thought the guy was kind of creepy when I saw this a few days ago. Strange. Very strange.

Kalendas Graecas says:

0:30……. Fucking idiot. Yeah, right, subscribe to moron's channel to hear what kind of blast of obnoxious music some ignorant dickhead likes. NOT

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