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Sub for more: nnn.is/the_new_media | Randy DeSoto for Western Journalism reports, More than a dozen retired generals and admirals signed a letter thanking President Trump for his recent decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military.

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redeemed toremain says:

I HATE O-bammer so badly I am about to cry, I aM glad his demonic policy's are being overturned prior to his re emergence as the anti christ that he IS!

wanagi horse says:

That's My President. : – )

Davide Davide says:

President Trump is to be highly praised for his considerable courage in making this ban. Of course it is disruptive to have to cater to the different medical needs of persons who have problems with their core identity. Far better it is to know who and what you are dealing with at any one time. Much of the language of the military is sexist because of tradition and should be accepted as part of the way of doing things. To 'man up' means to do that precisely, – not to be a cissy. To be a cissy would doubtless be a term of abuse to a transgender who wants to fuss his hair up or shave his armpits. It is ridiculous not to accept conformity at least to one's biological sex within the military as a primary standard of being a person in that role. To simplify where possible rather than make matters more complex than need be all adds to efficiency. The military will thank President Trump for making them more efficient, fairer and more objective in their ability to deliver their services not only now but in the longer term too. Their chances of winning have just increased one hundred percent.

Son of Nun says:

Real soldiers would be cleaning the weapons tranies would be waxing them, Laughable

Lucky SOB says:

I have absolutely nothing against Trans people. But facts are they have a high suicide rate. And we can't risk that in our military.

bernice canty says:

I'm trans and agree with trump. The sole purpose of the military is to fight and kill and you have to bring your A game with you in the field. If you are trans and in the military, it's probably better to use what qualifications you have now from military service and use it in another field. Cooks electricians welders mechanics etc can work anywhere. A grunt has only one purpose.

Daniel Calcinari says:

President Trump is the best thing that has happened in the United States in Decades!!! We as a Nation must return our focus to doing what is RIGHT and to HELL with the campaign for Political Correctness! The idea that Transsexuals were using their Military status as a means of financing the surgeries required to become something other than what they were according to Nature. The cost was projected as being in the scores of Billions! Which would be paid for with the hard work of the American workers, quite possibly while many Americans are not able to meet the increased cost of Obama's insurance scam which certainly put money in Obama's pockets.

OR's Lonewolf says:

Here is the one thing that will make it illegal EVER. Mayo clinic chief psychology chair, has written medical journal entries stated Transgender is a mental disorder. People with mental disorders are not allowed in the military.

Stjepan Blagaj says:

Well done Generals cheers now back Trump all the way to show deep state and Obama that they can try coup and they will be all put against wall and shot for treason

5th Seal Saint says:

It angers me that they were ever allowed to serve in the first place! You know they only go into the army to get their sex change surgeries and hormones for free and then they turn around and either quit shortly afterwards serving the bare bone minimum of time on active duty or they want the same concessions that real women get that are in the military.

This is just wrong since no matter how much of a pansy that the gay man who has had a sex change is, he is still going to be stronger than a natural woman so why should they get the same breaks as them! And a gay woman who has transgendered to a supposed man, even with male hormones, can not keep up with a real man in strength or stamina so why should they be in the same platoon as real men and have to have the real men towing most of the line for them? Lives will be lost due to these abominations being catered to instead of them being denied access in the first place!

These demonically lead godless libertines can not even handle their own God given gender without crying and pitching a fit, so what makes us think they will be able to handle being out on the battlefield being fired at by real bullets! There are no safe places in war! This is just sick and disgusting and makes me ashamed to share the same country as them! God bless you Mr. Trump for standing up and saying enough is enough and the retired generals that stand with him! And God bless the USA!

sgrphcs1 says:

3.7 Billion / 10yrs = 370 Million a year. 370M / 50 Thousand per each Sexual Reassignment Surgery = 7400 People a Year. There's 1,429,995 people in the military so that's .52% of people in the military are Trans, yet only .01% of people are Trans in the Country. Yet alot of Trans don't get surgery and hormones are like $400 a yr so if you adjusted for the less surgery's that would put the number of Trans people in the military WAY higher than .5% … just saying use your reporter skills Gary so you don't turn into NextCNN pushing an agenda

David O. says:

Hey, trannys, the military is for killin our enemies, not for killin your penis.

David O. says:

Trannys, hack your own junk off, we ain't payin' for it anymore.

Rubi R. Sanchez says:

Sure, let's what you're going to say when he gets impeached which he will soon.

Bitter Clinger says:

You confused fags can kill yourselves on your own dime, leave the tax payers alone!

DefendtheConstitution says:

Obama opened the military for transgenders because his husband is a man! Mortem Tyrannis

Lori Jallow says:

President Trump, he da man!

Hailey Zirkle says:

Amen my brothers in Christ! Trump u r completely right my grandpa can rest at peace. Thank you Mr. Trump for being a honest and truthful man of God. I am praying for you and your families best God bless to all the trump family and God bless Mr. Trump's youngest son he is very strong for his age. And best of luck to u as long as a trump runs for president I'm voting for them. All great and honest and straight and they all r good Christians Jews they believe in our Lord Jesus Christ is the savior of us all. So god bless and good wishes, and prayers to everyone in the world and good luck and God bless the people that work for and with the white house. Also peace to our land and the Lord's land. Love to all don't hate just don't trust no one but Jesus Christ and that's it. Be good to one another stop the hate and start helping bc if ur fixing it then ur the problem. Pray Jesus will hear u and will forgive only if u ask and mean it truly when u ask and do ur best to be a good person and read the word and tell people about him. He is there waiting the end is coming soon time is all most out to get right with the Lord Jesus Christ people. God bless and prayers to you all. Amen

Lisa Jack says:

Thank God some people still have sense! There are numerous other conditions that deem a person ineligible for service so IDK why people are wailing. I'm tired of folks pushing agendas and having tantrums just because others don't share their views. Our democratic republic has turned into "Hysterica" not America.

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