Stephen Colbert: “F-ck You Trump!” – Late Show Host Unhinged

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On the Late Show Stephen Colbert came unhinged again during his opening monologue in a profanity filled rant about President Trump.
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L Lin says:

Gay rape !?!? dang it They are having hospitals gender select on birth by Parents choice

L Lin says:

Congratulations on Coulter follower !!

L Lin says:

This guy has never been funny.

Darealharrison hibby says:

The same guy who said Trump wouldn't be president

Halkord Ahmed says:

Would you please stop promoting a big?

Wish Producer says:


Staffelkapitän says:

Hollywood could give 2 fucks about our military!!! Now all of a sudden they care?? Go fuck yourself sniwflakes!! And Colbert is a fake Catholic!!!

Fernando Amaro says:

I would like to see Colbert gone from TV. He is such an annoying asshole. I am still hoping that his rants against Trump, gives him a heart attack. I know that's mean, but a fool like has many weak-minded followers.

Misaka Mikoto says:

Stephen Colbert is so "politically correct!"

MegaDarksyd says:

I can't order a bloody t-shirt!!! I suppose this is what I get for following the link through YouTube!!! Just figured I'd give a heads up Mark…love your video blog!

John Paul Simpson says:

Stealy Coldbirth is about as sharp as a wet bag of mice. What a FUCKIN weenie !

Muad'Dib says:

I wonder if Steven Colbert's barking seal audience makes him feel validated. This guy is such a political lightweight I'm surprised if he was able to influence a 10 year old

B Wiggins says:

I guess President Trump could send them all to war where they can't get their drugs and whatever they need. Liberals are such idiots! They don't realize not everyone is allowed into the military. If they can't handle war zones they can't be in the military

Marylou Mader says:

What is wrong with this idiot, he should get his left ear cropped to match the right Hahahahahahahahahaha

peter robijn says:

Stephen Colbert: remove that obama muslimterrorist sperm from your face. stop sucking muslim dicks. you need trump. you are a dung beetle. fuck of mental retarded lying childrapist: you belong in THE GARBAGE CAN OF HOLLYWOOD HISTORY

Kristiov Nitrik says:


Sarah S says:

Tbh, there are variations with gender, but I'm really sick of all this being such a huge focus and diversion. The left is loosing their support over stuff like this.

tiborvivi says:

Hey colbert = fuck u jew!

H Bryant says:

moron, trying for ratings F/U steve !

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