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Sub for more: | Tiffani Grey for the Conservative Tribune reports, Former “ultra-conservative” commentator Tomi Lahren admitted during an interview with talk show host Chelsea Handler that she benefits from Obamacare. However, she didn’t stop there…

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Char Mosk says:

I don't think 26 is reasonable! By 26 they should be off the tit!

Fruit Gal 522 says:

I have no respect for Lahren after she exposed herself as anti-life aka pro-murder aka supports the murder of babies.

madeline jones says:

Yes I do the BOTH have jobs with There OWN Insurance.Normal? Just since Barock Hussain obama screwed up our insurance.A kid at 24? REALLY.This is why insurance rates are so high.She is a hypocrite.

brattberg says:

Tomi is bullshit!!!! She is pro choice!!! Not pro life!!! I really dislike her!! She ised to be cool, now she showed her true colors!

Bobby Ganoosh says:

Get government out of Healthcare!!!!

Tyson George says:

Of course she's a hypocrite, she's pro choice. It's one thing when the egg is on its own, but after that… what else could it be? It's not a Buick, or a dog, a person gives birth to another person.

TheIcelandicBoy says:

You are not 100% against Obamacare, Gary. That makes you a Traitor, by your own past logic. Just pointing that out.

Rip And tear says:

Our health care is a pile of obama! I ment shit lol! Whenever I think about shit Obama comes up!

Foxxie55 says:

REPEAL the whole un-Constitutional package.. It was NOT read before passing, which is the law that was violated. Thusly making it illegal.. So repeal it.. As for the US Government having anything to do with our insurance is as stupid as stupid can be. If a person wants insurance, let a free market dictate that exercise.. Every time the government steps in we the people always gets screwed.. WAKE the F… up freeloader…

Erwin Schmidt says:

Obum Bum Don't Care has resulted in businesses folding en-mass, has super hi premiums, has super high deductibles, has super low percentages paid after deductible met, forces people to buy these junk policies, drove up health care prices 4 fold since 2009, and OK'd by bill not even read before Congress passed! Exactly what the hell is good about it!!!!!!!!!

littgaia says:

Being on your parents insurance until you're 26 is good for college students working on their advanced degrees, a master or doctorate.

Nevering says:

What we need is government out of the medical insurance business all together. All we need from government is a couple regulations for insurers.

Ronald Shapiro says:

Affordable Care Act was designed to raise taxes. It's Bull Crap!!

Joe says:

She speaks the truth.

Michael Weston says:

Pre existing Conditions should be placed in a Pool, where they could get reduced premiums, and maybe subsidies or tax breaks, leave Insurance companys alone, and 26 years seems a bit much to me to be on your Mommys Insurance, give me a break. What will keep them from jackin moms premiums through the roof?

Fred Mertz says:

Sorry, but you are wrong on this one Gary. The pre-existing condition thing drives up all of our insurances. It is the #1 problem with Obamacare. What Jane said below is true. Another example, can you buy earthquake insurance AFTER the earthquake (I live in California)? Of course not, you have to pay a huge premium for years just in case. Some roll the dice and don't get the insurance, some choose to pay.
Another example, I know a guy who eats horribly, and doesn't have ANY insurance. He told me that if he needs a heart operation, he will sign up then, since he can't be denied now. Obviously that is NOT how insurance is supposed to work.

captinkrunk101 says:

Lmfao so many people wanted to crawl up her twat and live there now there like EEEWWWWW yo pussy stank now

Steven Sharp says:

Luckily. Laren your looks will get you very far. I would still…….Said every man ever. 'Of course woman, now let's go and….'
That is the point you are nothing but a high. VERY HIGH priced call girl. I will wait until you are 31 or 32. Then you will understand Mom and Dad are not paying my deductibles and premiums. Nice words for give us another 30% tax. By this age you will be done on air. Broke and forced to pay the IRS or BCBS

VRIceblast says:

There might be some good things in Obamacare, but if you can't afford it, it makes it all worthless.

If you do get a low rate the deductible is so high, like a yearly pay, that it's like you don't have Insurance at all anyway. It makes it into Catastrophic Insurance, instead of something that you can use to keep healthy.

My Insurance before OC was much better, and cheaper.

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